Thursday, February 7, 2019

DIY Safety Tips

Every now and again I accept a guest post. So happy to share this one with you today!

Doing some DIY at home isn’t something that should be done on a whim. Unfortunately though many people when they are working at home will ignore standard safety procedures. You might have done this so often without issue that it just becomes second nature, but trust us sooner or later an accident will happen.

If you are lucky it might just be cuts and bruises you have to show for it, but if you’re unlucky then it could be much worse. DIY accidents are more common than you might think which is why you should always follow proper safety measures. In this article, I’ am going to share some essential safety tips that anyone doing DIY needs to know.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you are doing any kind of DIY work you will need to wear the proper clothing. Many people who do DIY at home won’t bother to wear the same safety clothing as a professional DIY tradesman but you should.
You might not need to be quite as strict but you should still have proper safety gloves, some eye protection and depending on the work you are doing you should consider some hi vis workwear such as work trousers or coveralls. For outdoor DIY work, you should wear a jacket and proper safety boots as well and if you have long hair you should tie it back or wear a hat.

Ventilation Is Important

Ventilation is incredibly important when it comes to DIY work, if you are painting or using materials that give off fumes make sure the area is well ventilated. A well-ventilated area will also help you cut down on things like dust as well.

Keep Your Tools In Top Shape

It really goes without saying that you should know how to safely use any tools before you start work. But knowing the proper way to use a tool is only half the battle, you should also ensure you keep any tools in good condition. Make sure they are regularly cleaned and oiled and safely stored away when not in use.

Take Your Time

DIY work can take time even small projects can end up taking much longer than you initially thought. But you should never rush DIY work no matter how tempting it might be if you rush you will end up making mistakes and could easily end up injuring yourself. Nothing good comes from rushing so remember to be patient and always take your time when doing DIY.

Put Ladders Up Properly

One of the most common accidents to occur when it comes to DIY work is with ladders. Ladders are essential to a lot of different general and specialist DIY jobs but they need to used carefully. Always ensure your ladder isstable and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting it up. Never lean or leave materials on a ladder either and make sure your path is clear when climbing down it. 

Take Extra Precautions When Working Alone

Usually, it’s always advisable to try and do DIY work with someone else but if you do decide to go it alone make sure you take extra safety precautions. Carefully plan out your job and make sure the work site it clear, it is also advisable to let someone know what work you are doing and to have a means of communication with you at all times.

Keep The Worksite Clean

Finally, remember to keep your worksite clean it is easier than you might think for a mess to pile up when you are doing DIY. So, make sure you take time out to clean up and take breaks regularly as well. 


  1. Definitely don't do it alone. Although if it's frustrating, that other person might not want to be in the same room.


  2. Organization and cleanliness are my watchwords for everything!

  3. Amazing tips, love them and I can't agree more, it is our responsibility to keep our working space safe and tidy. Great tips, thank you.


  4. Safety first. Excellent tips here.

    Have a fabulous and safe day. ♥

  5. Great advice.
    Ladders have been an issue in our extended family. My partner's father and his uncle have both fallen from ladders a few times. Both were being careless. Both required hospital attention. Both were in their eighties (and had family who had offered to do the job).

  6. Boy, you're not kidding about ventilation being important. Several years ago, my Mom was working in a small room with harsh chemicals and she didn't notice the door had closed behind her. She reached a point where she couldn't lift her arms, she was afraid she was having a stroke but it was the chemicals in a cleaner!

  7. Great tips indeed, as hazards sure are everywhere. A fact beat into my brain at work.

  8. I agree that it is smart to make sure to take safety precautions when doing DIY projects. On top of all that, having appropriate knowledge of how to complete the project correctly, and of the tools you are using, will be the best ways to ensure a good outcome!

  9. Amazing tips. It is our responsibility to keep our working space safe and tidy. Great tips, thank you.

  10. thank you for your safety tips.
    have a great day

  11. I love doing little DIY projects. Over the summer we do plan to do some bigger DIY projects. These safety tips were great for people like us who will need to know what precautions to take when doing a big DIY project. -Jessica Martin

  12. Organization and cleanliness are so important and are things I *need* to do to make sure I'm staying focused and following the steps appropriately! We've had lots of DIYs lately with setting up our daughter's nursery!

  13. Great tips! And a great reminder because when you work at home, often you don't think about these things, If you need safety tips to perform a task in an office, you need tips at your home!

  14. It's always good to take the time to do things safely.

  15. Following proper safety measures when doing DIY project is always important.You have suggested some really tips that may be followed to prevent accidents.

  16. Could you please tell my husband that it shouldn't be done on a whim (yes, I'm still ticked about him ripping up our basement to change it into a workout room). Though, I did eventually end up helping him, because you really should have an extra person on hand should things go wrong.

  17. These are all great tips.It is better to take safety precautions than end up getting injured.

  18. Excellent tips... I've a few friends that have been hurt doing simple DIY at home. They need to have a look at this!


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