Sunday, December 16, 2018

Top 5 Unique Game and Gift Ideas for Kids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

#1). 'Tis the season to shop for games...because who doesn't like to give or receive games? In addition to traditional selections, we always make sure to add some unique games into the mix too. Games the kids don't expect, but that are a barrel of laughs, or unique in some other way. The Tic Tac Tongue game from YULU is both of those things, and first on my list of (5) gift buying suggestions. I saw it on Live with Kelly and Ryan (via YouTube) and I laughed, and knew I had to get it for my niece and nephew (brother and sister) because this kind of game is right up their alley! What a silly and cute game to give the younger kids this year!

The masks are hilarious and in reality there is a hole in the mouth piece that fits a smaller piece you blow in. That makes the tongue come out and knock down the cards. The one who is fastest to knock down the target that matches the card wins. This is the kind of game that makes the kids crack up laughing while they're playing.

Tic Tac Tongue is recommended for children ages 4+ and it is for 2 players. No batteries are required! This would be fun to wrap up for a holiday gift. It comes with 2 chameleon masks with mouthpieces and tongues, 10 target cards, 10 game cards and the rules. It only takes a few minutes to learn, and it's fun all the way through to the end. You can find this game in retail stores everywhere, or buy it online (including Amazon). Learn more by visiting the Yulu website.

#2). Flying Sushi Kitchen! Just the name alone evokes curiosity from me. This game sends 'sushi' flying into the air and you must pluck them to make a complete meal on your plate. The first player to create $25 worth of Sushi Orders (before time runs out) wins! Kids will love how these fly, and think it's fun to use chopsticks to pluck their meal out of thin air.

This is recommended for ages up to 8, but my son is 11 and I have no doubt whatsoever that both he and I are going to love playing this one. Purchase in retail stores everywhere and online, including Amazon. It is made by Redwood Ventures and requires 4 C batteries, that are not included.

#3). The Helix Power Swing is a football you swing and toss. What makes it unique is it howls while it's flying, and you can launch it up to 350 ft.! This is the perfect toy to take to the beach, the park or even use in the backyard (if you're careful about that throw!). This is the kind of toy that keeps my kids occupied for a long time (even the grown ones). 

The Helix Power Swing by YULU is recommended for children ages 6+. You can buy it in retail stores everywhere, or online, including at Amazon.

#4). The Zing Sportz Air Storm is another toy that will amaze you with how far it goes. It's easy to be accurate with your shot because the handle on it is so tight. It is just the right size for kid hands (ages 14+) and not difficult to shoot at all. 

The Air Storm holds the zingers so they don't get lost, and it is recommended to be an outside toy only since these do fly up to 145 ft.. Two of the zarts have a whistle effect and one sticks. Buy these at retail stores everywhere, or online, including at Amazon.

5). This last suggestion makes a great stocking stuffer! The Glove a Bubble, also by Zing Toys is awesome because it is self-contained and ready for making big time bubbles with just a wave of the hand. The packages come in cute characters and you can order mult-packs.

Using them is simple, all you do is remove the bubble pouch from the glove, pour the solution into the bubble pouch and then dip your glove into the solution. Wave your hands and bubbles are soon going to be everywhere! This is a big hit for kids ages 3+ and I can see children of all ages enjoying them while they are outside. Who doesn't love bubbles?

With the holidays inching closer and closer, I thought it would be great timing to talk about high quality, unique games/toys the kids will love. Do you have a favorite?


  1. Great list you have here, Rosey. The Zing Sportz Air Storm sounds fun!

  2. So many fun games out there for the little ones.

    Your son is most handsome.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

  3. A howling flyer would sure be fun. Some interesting ones indeed.

  4. I could see Isaak liking some of those.

  5. Hi Rosey, wow your son is getting so big. He looks so nice and tan and I know he is going to have a great Christmas opening up all of those presents.
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Julie

  6. I think my son would like Tic Tac Tongue Tied the best. So fun!

  7. My nieces would like these games, especially the Tic Tac Tongue. I have to get it for them.

  8. Some fun things here and some that I have never seen before.

  9. Tic Tac Tongue looks hilarious. My youngest nephew would really enjoy that one!

  10. These look super fun to play! Great gift ideas for my grandsons!

  11. I really like the Helix Power Swing for my daughter who absolutely loves football. It kind of looks like a rocket ship, which she would like too.


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