Saturday, December 15, 2018

Throw a Party in the Garage: Decorating Tips for a Memorable Time

You might have a small home without much square footage. Throwing any sort of party is a challenge, but there is an option in the garage. It may not be the most beautiful room in the house. However, you can decorate the space so that partygoers feel energized and welcomed. It takes only a few creative ideas to make the party a success.

Draw the Curtains

Most garages are strongholds of storage. There's no need to move out of the space, however. Cover up the storage along the walls with curtains or fabric sheets. Put as much personality as you like into this decorating choice. The fabric might be entirely black, or add a pattern into it.

Cover the Floor

The garage floor can be a challenge because it's often just a concrete subfloor. Consider the addition of inexpensive rugs. Lay them across the floor for a dramatic appearance. Some people choose an upgrade, such as epoxy garage floor Chicago. Regardless of your flooring choice, it should be safe to walk on and beautiful to see out of the corner of your eye.

Add in Dance Lights

Most garages don't have large windows, so the space will be relatively dark whether it's day or night. Take advantage of the darkness by turning part of the space into a dance area. Hang disco lights and other fixtures up on the ceiling. Pump in a few tunes so that everyone knows it's time to dance.

Throw in the Beanbag Chairs

Create a lounging area with beanbag chairs and pillows. You might even put in a loveseat from the living room. The arrangement is up to you. Making people feel at home is part of the fun.

If there are any smelly items, such as the laundry, garbage or litter box, relocate them before the party. They might be physically masked from view, but the smell can be overwhelming. No one will know that the garage is a functional area after your decorating talents grab hold of the space.


  1. Yeah, always wise to relocate the litterbox haha a garage can be made into a fun spot.

  2. It helps to know how we can turn the garage into a beautiful space, to celebrate special occasions, and back to a garage. Simple and easy to follow tips – good!

  3. I actually threw a part at a friend's garage last summer. It was so fun and not having to care about ruining the furniture was an axtra plus. I didn't covered the floor with rugs but it's definitely an amazing idea.

  4. I love bean bags! It’s always a HIT with my friends. Throw in some colors in the garage as well by adding fun decors.

  5. I wish my garage looked like the one in the photo, lol. Seriously, using the garage as a party space is a pretty good idea.

  6. Adding in dance lights really completes the party look! Great tips!

  7. My parents have done this, and it is a good idea! I'm chuckling, though, because most people have their garage filled with so much stuff they don't have room for their cars! Good reason to start cleaning out that garage!

  8. My husband and I have talked about getting flooring like this for our garage. This would also make a great place to workout.

  9. That looks so nice! I wish we had a garage like this!

  10. It sounds like a great idea. Will be planning my next party in my garage!


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