Sunday, December 9, 2018

Slime is a Very Touching Gift, Don't you Think?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

As an educator and as a parent, I can tell you slime is all the rage right now, so what better thing to tuck into their Christmas stocking, or wrap up to gift for the holiday season, than slime?! The title is a play on words I got from the manufacturer, Kangaroo Manufacturing and I thought it was really cute. It's accurate too. Kangaroo goes all out with their slime production, bottling not only the original Super Cool Slime, but also selling wonders such as Glow in the Dark Slime and Jurassic Park Slime (say what?!?) that the kids are sure to love!

If your kids like to create slime, like my son does, or if they have requested to do it, this Super Cool Slime Lab is going to be a very welcome gift for them. We have about 6 buckets of different kinds of slime my son has made out of glue and Borax, but he has requested an official kit one more than one occasion. He's going to be delighted on Christmas morning when he opens this set.

Photo Source: Amazon
Transform into a mad scientist and make your own creations with the Super Cool Slime Lab. Experiment with multi-color, glitter, or even glow in the dark slime! Every kid gets an A and a slime-y good adventure. This is recommended for children ages 8+

Kangaroo also has Poop Slime. And while this does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form (ew!) my son thought it was hilarious.

He doesn't know he has a slime kit under the tree, but he does know the poop is in the house (again, I say ew). Here is he tucking Unicorn Poop slime into his sister's stocking, and he can't stop laughing. Although I'm sure she will make a face when she opens it, I'm also sure she'll also take it out and play with it. She may be grown now, but she's still a kid at heart. ;)

The Emoji Poop Super Cool Poopie Slime, he kept for himself. If it didn't have the name it does, it would look like any other slime, just having the color of brown, but since it was designated as doo, it has turned into something extremely amusing in this house. Have I mentioned that 11-year-old boys think this type of thing is hilarious?

This nosy photo bomber makes us laugh.
He also thought the cat photo bombing our pictures was hilarious. I wasn't surprised though, there's no way she's staying out of the action. If there's something new in the house, she has to investigate it.

It may seem like an odd gift to wrap but turns out, the gift of slime is quite touching! Kids and teens go crazy over the tactile goo that’s not quite a solid but definitely not a liquid. Original Super Cool Slime® by parent company Kangaroo Manufacturing has expanded its collection with the hottest trends in the toy world – unicorns, emojis and (ahem) poop.
Emoji Poop Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime, $4.95 each, make terrific stocking stuffers, dreidel game or classroom Secret Santa gifts. Likewise, Unicorn Poop Slime appeals to the daintiest kids on your list. Jurassic World Slime in Indoraptor black or T. Rex Cryptogenic green guarantee a dino-good time of hands-on fun.
Each themed glop comes in an appealing container that resembles a chemistry beaker. Tilt it, pour it and let the squishing begin. Surprise each recipient on your list with a little science lesson. Tell them to enjoy their non-Newtonian fluid! Then watch them “Google” the chemistry lesson. Kids already familiar with the slow drip of ketchup or honey will recognize the same properties in gooey slime. 
If there’s a budding scientist in the house, consider The Original Super Cool Slime Lab ($12.95). The boxed kit boasts 18 pieces, including measuring cups, mixing sticks and a slime activator that results in a jar of glitter slime, glow in the dark and multi-color slime. Now that’s super cool!
Look for these kid-pleasing presents online and at craft, party and specialty stores including TJ Max, Marshalls, HomeGoods, AC Moore, Party City, Learning Express and Hobby Lobby shops nationwide.
  • Original Super Cool Slime • $4.95
  • Emoji Poop Slime • $4.95
  • Unicorn Poop Slime • $4.95
  • Glow in the Dark Slime • $4.95
  • Jurassic World Slime • $4.95
  • Original Super Cool Slime Lab • $12.95
If you're looking for super cool stocking stuffers, I can't recommend these highly enough. This really is an 'it' gift, and it's super affordable too, which makes the gift givers as happy as the recipients. 😋😊


  1. My great granddaughter loves this stuff. It's creepy to me, but if she loves it then all is good.

    Your son is most handsome.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Thanks for the education. I have been seeing Slime in all the stores and wondered...

  3. I have a niece who's 12th birthday is coming up and she's obsessed with Jurassic Park. That Jurassic World slime would make a great bday gift for her.

  4. Slime is very cool toy for the kids. It unleashes their creative side. I'll give two colors for each of my nephews!

  5. So far I haven't seen it around here. Guess I'm out of the loop. After diapers and cat poop scooping, slime poop really isn't appealing lol

  6. I wish my grandson was old enough to be able to play with slime. Right now I fear he might eat it! Haha. This would be a nice gift for a godchild who is a bit older.

  7. Allison still enjoys the slime, so her Elf on the Shelf brought her some poop slime this year too. Gross, but boy the kids sure do love it.

  8. My kids love slime! It is quite fun to play with and in some ways can be calming. It seems calming for my kids. Slime would make a great stocking stuffer for sure!

  9. I haven't seen it around here. Thanks for the education.

  10. Kristine Nicole AlessandraDecember 11, 2018 at 12:46 PM

    My goddaughter will love this. I will get this for her for Christmas. She always makes it a point to pay me a visit on the 20th of December every year (without fail).

  11. Kristine Nicole AlessandraDecember 11, 2018 at 1:35 PM

    Playing with slime is great for sensory learning. It would also help the little ones develop their fine motor skills. I like the Slime Lab. This is what I will get for my 6 year old niece.

  12. My daughter would really like slime as a gift. I am not sure why she likes the stuff so much.

  13. my daughter loves slime... something about how it feels, I don't get it, but what do I know, I'm just an old fart ; )

  14. To me as an adult, this looks terrible. Thank God my daughter is already an adult ;-) To kids it's probably great fun ;-)

  15. Hahaha! Yeah it is a touching gift. We actually just made slime at the library yesterday. It was such a lot of fun.

  16. Lol, I know my nephews like this stuff. I had never heard of slime until my niece and nephews came along. Until then I thought slime was that stuff on top of ponds, lol.


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