Saturday, December 8, 2018

Personalized Little Book of You

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The Little Book of You is so charming, and it's 100% personalized for your little one. It would be a wonderful keepsake to give to any child for Christmas, and there is still time to order to get yours in time for the holiday! 

You take a survey and in a few days your book arrives on your doorstep, personalized with the information you offered (in the survey). The illustrations are timeless/classic and the overall look of the book is very professional and polished. 

There are details your child will come to cherish, such as perhaps who came to visit when they were born, what day and time they arrived, and so much more. There's a page about his or her name, how you picked it, and all the special moments that led up to their birth. Who/what was popular when they were born might be something you'd like to include. I know I always like to hear those kinds of facts.

These books are meant for children ages 0-11 and for babies who are not born yet (making it a perfect baby shower present). I love that they are not like a traditional baby book which can take hours to make, but instead you just fill out a survey and it is beautifully created for you. The rich details in this hardcover book are brought to life on the high quality pages that are meant to last a lifetime. This is a truly beautiful addition to add to your home, or to offer as a gift.

The Little Book of You features:
  • Unique details from the day your child was born including the place of birth, time, weight and length of your precious little one
  • Pages of what makes their birthday special: what happened in history on their birthday, famous people who were born on the same date and more
  • Two pages dedicated to a customized family tree to help your child learn all the important people in their life
  • A personalized letter from you to your child
  • Each book is proudly made in the United States and is priced at $49.95

Creating your book is easy! The 15 question online survey takes about 10 minutes to fill out.  Once all the answers are submitted, you will receive a hardcover book all about your baby a few days later.  

Learn more about the book, and how quickly you can make one of your own, by visiting the Little Book of You website. You can also give a gift card, so someone can make a book of their own!


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