Friday, December 7, 2018

Love Does for Kids with Giveaway: 5 Winners!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I like a book that is real, something that we can relate to when my son and I are reading together. Bob and Lindsey Goff Viducich are a father/daughter pair who bring real life stories to us, infused with faith, love and laughter in their book Love Does for kids. It is the follow-up to the best sellimg book, Love Does.

I like that anecdotes are peppered throughout this book, and that they are written in a smooth, easy-to-understand and very engaging manner (just as an anecdote should be) that grips the reader from the get-go. At least they did for me, and for my son too.

This particular page made me smile because the illustrations reminded me of books I read as a kid, when life was a simpler time...but these stories, are surely ones that are relevant to our every day lives today. My favorite thing about them is that they make faith fun, not boring. 

Sometimes the books we pick up to learn more in this area are dry and not so full of life as this one here is. That makes it extra special in my eyes, and I'm happy it is now in our book collection.

The font in the book is nice and large too, which makes it easy for kids (and *ahem* older persons) to read. I really, really like that, because font seems to be getting smaller and smaller to me these days...and again I say, *ahem.*

It's not just everyday life stories that are illustrated in this book. There are some of the Biblical stories we've known for a long time included, with a lesson attached through the writing that is applicable to all of our lives, young and old. What I want my son to walk away with while he is reading this book, is that God works in our lives always, and in many different ways, and that he works through us very often, when we are blessing others.

Kids everywhere will love Bob and Lindsey's stories about how love does. With childlike faith, enthusiasm, and great whimsy, young readers will feel instantly connected to a love that acts as much as it feels. Children will walk away with a sense of wonder at how great God is and will feel empowered to do things that will make a tangible difference in the world.

Bob and Lindsey invite kids to get to know God better and to see the world as a place designed to be changed as we put our faith in action. In the same way that Love Does has struck such a deep chord with adults, young readers will experience God in new and thrilling ways and see that living out our faith is certainly not boring!

There's a Giveaway!

5 lucky winners will be selected on December 10th, 2018 to win a copy of this book to call their own!
Enter HERE. Good luck to all who enter. US entrants only.


  1. Sounds great for the kiddos and adults indeed. Illustrations sure are winners too.

  2. What a lovely book. It does remind me of the ones I enjoyed as a child as well.


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