Monday, December 10, 2018

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Protection is the Best

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

A lot of people will be getting electronic devices for Christmas. One thing you want to make sure that is true, whether you are on the giving or receiving end of that, is that you give or have protection as well. Nothing ruins a beautiful piece of technology faster than a virus or worse. I think so many of us have been a victim of it at one point in our lives and learned our lessons well. I did, and have used Kaspersky ever since. There honestly is no other brand of virus protection I trust more.

They also have a range or resources for you, including a Security Cloud, Secure Connection, Password Manager, and Total Security. The last one I mentioned, Total Security, actually has many options, including parental controls and file protection to help ensure your music, photos and files are safe. I honestly just use the anti-virus protection, but do see the value in them offering so much more. Kaspersky gets the job done. I appreciate that, and I trust them.

My favorable opinion of Kaspersky comes after many years of using it, and appreciating not only its effectiveness but also the fact that it isn't annoying. Why is that last part important? Because most of us have also experienced software protection that is effective but has a ton of pop-ups or ads. I won't name the brand but years ago there was one that was very popular (maybe it still is, I don't know) but it was so annoying, right down to being difficult to uninstall when I got fed up with it. Kaspersky only shows you what you want to see, but you can go into your account at any time and access any and all information and activity. I also like that it's been a flawless application for me. It runs, does its job well and I can just sit down and get to work, knowing it will be protecting me as I do.

Kaspersky is proud of their products. They voluntarily enter more independent testing than any other anti-virus program in the world. They have consistently won more first place and top 3 awards in wide range independent testing than any other vendor. The prices are great too far lower than I've ever seen them actually, which makes them very accessible to you, or to give as gifts to those you are giving, or know are getting technology this year.

Just like you wouldn't buy a toy to gift without getting the batteries it needed too, you shouldn't gift a computer, laptop, tablet or phone without gifting Kaspersky as well. There are various prices and protection options. Installing it is easy, and renewing it is as well. As a blogger, it's served me well. There are many websites I visit, and with their software installed, I don't even give cyber security a second thought until the virus warnings pop-up, and they do. Kasperky catches and quarantines them for you, as well as redirects you with a warning as to why. I'm very happy with this brand, and I highly recommend them to you. Learn more by visiting the Kaspersky website.