Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Hello Kitty DVDs from Sentai FilmWorks

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Do you have a Hello Kitty fan in your house? You too can find Hello Kitty (and so many other anime selections) at Sentai Kids. I don't per say, but I DO have a granddaughter in her own home who LOVES Hello Kitty, so this year, she's going to get DVDs from grandma for Christmas. Or maybe it will be from Santa, I haven't decided yet (if they go in the stocking, Santa did it). ;) 

Her mom and dad didn't use to let her watch TV much at all, and at 5-years-old she's still not in front of a screen very often, but she has, through exposure to school, come to love a good movie and so her parents do from time to time, let her indulge. Seriously, her parents are way more responsible with screen time and food than I ever was (remember she didn't want any of the candy passed out for trick-or-treating this year, just the few healthy items that she was offered) and it's paying off for them in big ways.

I do allow screen time here, but fortunately my son at this point in his life where he still does all things in moderation (with the exception of basketball, which he could do 24/7) so I'm lucky it hasn't become an issue. But I digress... I know.  It's hard for me not to think of it when I talk about movies and my grandbabe. I don't think my way of raising my son is wrong (it works for us and he's wonderful about screen time) but I'm just really proud of how my granddaughter is being raised. It does my heart good to know her parents care about her enough to exhibit tough love (because she LOVES screen time), and limit her time on it, but that they do still let her watch as a treat, every now and then.

In any case, I know little miss is going to love the Hello Kitty DVDs she is going to get, and I'm so excited to be the one giving them to her. Hey, I have no shame. I'll take all the grandma brownie points I can get. I have gotten permission from my son (her dad) to gift them to her. ;)

The “Hello Kitty: Let’s Learn Together” DVDs debuted on November 20 at 
brick & mortar stores like WalMart, Target and Best Buy, 
as well as online retailers like amazon.com. 

·      Website:  www.sentaikids.com

There is still plenty of time before Christmas, to pick a couple of these up for the Hello Kitty lovers in your home as well. surely it will be a gift the kiddos will enjoy. I'm actually excited to see it too, a). because I'll enjoy watching my girl love it and b). I'm a fan of Hello Kitty too!


  1. My gr-daughters are now tweens, but they were very much Hello Kitty fans.

    I have a Hello, Kitty Janome sewing machine. It is 2/3 size of my large machine, but sews like a champ.

  2. My girls always loved Hello Kitty. We went through a phase where everything was Hello Kitty.

  3. Hello kitty sure has been around a while. Great that they stick to their guns with her indeed.


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