Friday, November 23, 2018

The Perfect Warm Indulgence Gift for those who Live Somewhere Cold!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

This is a Footsac, and I think it is the perfect gift idea for anyone who lives somewhere cold!! We have family and friends up north, and they are already talking to us about their freezing temperatures and snow. 😐 Makes me super glad to live in a warm state. One thing I do remember about living in the cold though, is that nothing felt quite as wonderful as cozying up in a super warm blanket or throw, while absolutely refusing to go outside. 😉

The Footsac with a Foot Pocket would be perfect above said 'activity!' You can choose from 1 of 5 neutral colors that match everything. We have an Eskimo Phur Footsac, and it is going to look great in my BFFs living room, which is where I'm sure she'll keep it so she can snuggle up on her couch and watch her favorite streamlined shows (a favorite indulgence for her in the winter). 

These blankets are huge: 50" x 70" which makes them perfect for getting nice and warm, anytime you feel the need. What's really cool about these is there is a built-in foot pocket. No more worrying about getting your tootsies all tucked in just right, or losing that warmth when you move (why is it the feet are always the first to come uncovered?). You can put it on your bed too, if you like to be extra toasty at night. 

The Footsac is large enough that more than one of you can use it at once, which is perfect for kids who are watching a movie together with the family. I love how this blanket feels (it's oh so soft) but it's the pocket for your feet that really makes it different and special. I think this is a most excellent type of gift to give a loved one or friend for the holidays! Who doesn't love to find a little soft indulgence like this waiting for them in a pretty gift box under the Christmas Tree?

Love Sac makes this blanket. Yes, the makers of that awesome looking stain-proof Sactional that you can move around at will to fit your needs ((Black Friday savings if you want one of those today!) . Every time I see the commercials for that my ears perk up just a little. They also make the huge Love Sac chairs that bring back the vibe of yesteryear, only better. 

Learn more these and all of the items they offer by visiting their website


  1. You could fit a lot of Wombies in that sac!

  2. We use these kinds of wraps in the winter. We don't live in snow country, but it does get cold.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

  3. That is an excellent product. Once my feet get cold I can never settle down.

  4. Keeping the tootsies warm is always a win.

  5. I must have a FootSac! I generally need nothing when the kids and grandkids ask, however, I live in the snow belt of NY state and my feet freeze.

  6. This looks like the perfect gift for Jason. His feet are ALWAYS cold. He is never without a pair of socks. Sometimes he'll use a blanket just to wrap around his feet, so you can see why this would be so great for him.

  7. This Footsac blanket would be a perfect gift for me. I need a lot of soft warmth in the winter!

  8. I like it! No more cold feet poking out from under the blanket.


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