Friday, November 23, 2018

Save Big with Black Friday Discount Code at Gifts for You Now

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

First of all, let me share the discount code. Today you can get 25% off sitewide by using the code: DEAL25BNK. Visit Gifts for You Now to take advantage of these great deals. If you miss the sale today, I highly recommend heading over to the site anyway, as they have a wonderful array of cutomized items (including seasonal!) that you can have made. All items can be personalized and most ship within 3-4 days. 

Now let's talk about shopping! Black Friday brings about a shopping frenzy that I admittedly am happy to skip. I don't like to go into the crowded stores and would much rather stay at home and shop online. One place I can do that and get high quality products that are personalized, which I love for holiday gift giving, is Gifts for You Now.  My mom loves to get items with her name on it, and the Cardinal, which is also the state bird where she lives, has always been her favorite. In fact, she likes them so much that I still get excited to this day when I see one, which is pretty rare where we live. Add to this, the fact that she enjoys things with a natural or rustic feel, and I was very excited to come across this ornament. This is how it looks online...

and this is how the Personalized Cardinal Barky Holiday Ornament looks in person. Pretty perfect match, don't you think? You can personalize it however you like. I may have been a little wordy with mine, but I think it still turned out very pretty. I know she is going to be delighted to receive it.

Display this beautiful Personalized Cardinal Wood Ornament on your tree this year.
For an extra-special item, we will customize this exclusive wooden ornament with any two custom message lines you choose.

This personalized rustic Cardinal Ornament also makes a great Christmas gift! Give someone on your list a customized item they'll be eager to hang on their tree for many years to come.

I'm pretty sure my mom will keep this out year-round, and why not? It's perfect for the Christmas Tree, but it also looks like a great decoration to keep out that doesn't have to be seasonal.

A few things have changed over the years for us, in terms of Christmas. One is every year for as long as I can remember, we got a real tree. It was a big process, and we all loved it. Since moving into a condo, I haven't gotten one. In fact, our first year here, I picked up a smaller artificial tree that my son selected, and that is the one we have been using. When we buy a home again, we'll go back to a real tree, but right now, this one will do. One thing that hasn't changed though, is that I make each of my 4 kids, their significant others, and my granddaughter a Christmas Stocking. I put the same treats in them every year, with a few personal surprises, and if I miss one of my children's 'staple items' they really notice (I thought they all outgrew chocolate oranges one year, and it was a huge fiasco with each one of them lamenting over missing them...including the 'kid' who doesn't even really like them!!). It has become a tradition that they love.

Every year I get them great stockings, sometimes personalized, sometimes not, and I keep my standard 99-cent version that I got years ago. THIS YEAR, however, I decided to treat myself to a super nice Christmas stocking, one that is personalized, and I went with this Embroidered Vintage Cable Knit Stocking from Gifts for You Now. I thought about putting 'Mom' on it, but like I said, our family keeps expanding (hurrah) and some of the people coming in it, do not call me 'mom,' so I had my name put on it. I love the thick vintage cable knit, and that my stocking is made of yarn! You can choose the color you want for your stocking, and you can choose the thread color for the embroidery as well. Classic looks appeal widely to me, so I went with traditional red and white. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this stocking. 

Just to note, we don't hang stocking on our tree...our stocking rack is just still in the closet, nestled between a sea of other lovely decorations waiting to come out and go up today. And that's another thing that has changed. We used to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. This year we got an early start, and we'll be finishing our decorations today, instead of starting them. :)

Gifts for You Now has a wonderful selection of personalized items for the season and for every day of the year! If you can think of it, they've probably got it and can personalize it. We have ordered from them in the past, and love the quality and look of each and every thing we own from them. You may remember that I also recently wrote about a personalized blanket that we got for a gift from them as well. It's just another of a huge array of items you can see if you head on over to their website. And don't forget, if you shop today (Black Friday) you can get 25% off of your order by using the code DEAL25BNK 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanskgiving yesterday, and happy holiday shopping to you today (if you're indulging). Learn more about by visiting their website.


  1. I'm sure Santa will know where to put your things now. Neat gift ideas indeed.

  2. We got our tree up before Thanksgiving, but we did the rest of the decorations the day after. I love the cardinal ornament. It's the state bird here and I love seeing them outside of my window every spring and summer.


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