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Reindeer in Here: A New Christmas Tradition for Kids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated however, are genuine and my own.

A friend that arrives on Dec. 1st each year, and goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.
Meet Reindeer in Here. Your friend arrives on December 1st each year, and returns home (to Santa Clause at the North Pole) on Christmas Eve. It includes both a book and a lovable reindeer plush who has one antler shorter than the other. This will help reinforce the message that different is normal, and every 'child' is special. The set was introduced in December 2017, and sold out entirely on Amazon (#1 Best Seller and #1 New Release). It also won 9 awards in under 1 year. So what makes it so special?

It is special because it helps children to recognize 'different' is perfectly normal. It encourages the excitement of the season because the reindeer arrives on the 1st of December, just in time to get ready for the holidays. It is also wonderful because it helps to create a tradition your family will love, as the reindeer returns every single year! There is no need to hide it (parents everywhere sighing in relief) or come up with creative ways to display it (which can be fun at first but gets old quick) because children can take their reindeer with them, everywhere they go.

Created by dadpreneur Adam Reed who wanted to ensure availability of a positive item for parents to buy that would help them start holiday traditions, this adorable plush has its own book a well, which makes for the perfect opportunity to foster the love of reading. Not only will kids see their favorite new friend inside, but it also will help children develop or increase their love of having a great book to read for bedtime, or any time, as they pour over the beautiful illustrations and fun story within.

I love this page where the reindeer has those huge adorable eyes that noone (not even adults) can resist. ;)

And of course there is the fact that a reindeer is a holiday plush we don't generally see year-round, which adds to the 'specialness' of this little guy (or girl...depending on the gender/name your kiddo gives to their new friend). Your child will love taking their new plush with them everywhere they go, and Santa will love the inside scoop he gets on what exactly the child wants for Christmas, because of course at some point that information will be shared, and this reindeer IS Santa's very close friend. ;)

Rumor has it that Reindeer in Here loves to read as well, and that is especially true if he is snuggled up next to his/her new friend, hearing a story about him/herself. :)

I think this set is just as cute as it can be, and it's not hard to imagine every little child in my family loving it when it arrives to their home on December 1st, when the annual magic of the visit begins.

  • 2018’s MOST AWARDED holiday tradition brand - having won 9 awards in under one year. (See attached press release for details)
  • Book & Plush set SOLD OUT on Amazon in 2017 Instant #1 Best Seller & Instant #1 New Release 
  • A CHRISTMAS FRIEND: Reindeer In Here (book and plush set) is a Christmas friend sent by Santa as the first gift of the holiday season to get to know each child and celebrate that being different is normal. The children are encouraged to take the reindeer plush with them anywhere and everywhere on daily adventures so that it can learn about the uniqueness of each individual child and help Santa deliver their true Christmas wishes. 
  • A POSITIVE CHRISTMAS TRADITION: Reindeer In Here was created by a dad who wanted a POSITIVE Christmas tradition for his children that celebrates their individuality and the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. It's a positive experience for children, and instead of spying on your kids for Santa (like a certain elf), Reindeer In Here helps Santa get to know them better! 
  • FAMILY TRADITION: Begin your family’s magical Christmas tradition as the reindeer show up in early December to stay with each child and go on daily adventures with them. Each child names their reindeer and decides if it is a boy or a girl making it equally as unique as they are. This unmistakable bond between the child and their reindeer will be the beginning of a yearly Christmas tradition that your child looks forward to every December! 
  • The core message of the brand is BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL
  • NO HOLIDAY STRESS: No need for parents to move it every day around the house. 
  • Has been labeled by many press outlets as having “officially solidified its place as the only bonafide direct competitor to Elf On The Shelf.” 


Check the store finder to see where you can buy a Reindeer in Here too ( a quick check shows it's already sold out in some places), and/or purchase on Amazon.

Learn more about Reindeer in Here by visiting their website. You can also follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or Facebook.


  1. Sounds like a great way to help kids realize all are unique and grand in their own way. First I've heard of it, so out of touch with toys haha

  2. What a great way to teach the little ones about being different and it's okay.

    Your son is most handsome.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  3. It's adorable! And, I am one of those parents that is dreading the day after Thanksgiving when I STILL have to move that stupid Elf. Yes, my kids know he's not real, but they still wake up every morning wandering what he was up to the night before. *sigh* I wish we would have went this route instead!

  4. I think this is a great alternative to doing elf on a shelf! It’s always good to change it up a little bit!

  5. I love so much! I dread moving the Elf all the time. Such a sweet stuffed animal!

  6. This is really cute! My kids would love this!

  7. Aww what a cute little tradition! Hmm... to have him instead of our elf or as well as? Haha

  8. This is such a nice combination. Pretty sure kids love this. Super cute and adorable.

  9. This is too cute! We just got on the Elf in the Shelf bandwagon and now we're loving the reindeer idea. Perfect for the kids to enjoy.

  10. What a cute holiday tradition! I love that it celebrates what make us unique, it is a great message.

  11. Cute stuffs tradition! Kids surely love this and they will surely get entertained.

  12. What a lovely idea and introducing a Christmas tradition that teaches compassion to kids too,

  13. Yeah different is normal and it's a good way to teach children. I am sure children would love to read this book.

  14. This is the cutest! My youngest daughter would love this so much for the Christmas season in our home.

  15. This looks like a great idea to teach kids some new and creative ideas. Also this will keep them occupied on Christmas.

  16. what a great gift love the cute little friend and the book packed with it sounds like it would be great fun as well as educatonal

  17. Lovely gift idea! I'm sure my son would love it

  18. Aw what a sweet gift! I do love the fluffy reindeer 🙂


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