Wednesday, October 31, 2018

GrabPoints: A Survey Site for All Ages

This is a guest post. I am happy to welcome GrabPoints on the blog today!

GrabPoints: A Survey Site for All Ages

I’ve heard some people say that GPT and survey sites are only for millennials, especially those looking to make a quick buck for extra pocket money. I beg to disagree. I am not a millennial, and I actually know of several retired people who have turned to online rewards sites as sources of passive income. While the platform may seem innovative and new, the method of earning rewards by doing surveys and other simple tasks is a time-honored one.

There are so many survey sites out there that, for the most part, it seems like a simple matter of choosing which one works best for your schedule and other personal criteria of a useful rewards site. On my part, I would like to present GrabPoints as a legit survey site that actually works for people of all ages looking for ways to earn online. In this article, I aim to thoroughly describe what makes it appealing and effective for users, regardless of their age.

First things first, what is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints doesn’t have the pedigree of other survey sites that have been around for at least a decade. It only became active in 2014, but is already enjoying a robust membership of around 4 million users.

The website itself isn’t complicated to use. In fact, I like its streamlined design where everything you need to know is laid out right there on the home page, complete with links and tabs. Even my uncle, who actually recommended GrabPoints to me in the first place, finds it easy to navigate. It’s optimized for most mobile devices, too!

For my review of Grabpoints I also checked a forum called Earn That Bucks. In it are members of mixed ages who share insights on different ways to earn online, as well as reviews on various survey, GPT, and online rewards sites. A quick glance at some of the posts will give you a clue that a portion of the ETB members are actually retirees who like GrabPoints for its user-friendly platform, while other members are a good mix of WAHMs (work at home moms), college students looking to augment their pocket money, and people with their own jobs and careers who simply like being part of a community that helps others create their own survey-taking success stories. Their GrabPoints review was mostly positive as well.

What earning methods are offered here?

GrabPoints doesn’t confine its earning methods to simply doing surveys to get points. I’m happy to note that they have paid out over $5 million to its users. I think this is possible largely in part to the variety of ways to earn points on this site. The result is that that anyone’s schedule, attention span, and other circumstances involving time and inclination are pretty much covered.

So what are those different ways? At GrabPoints, you can earn by playing games, watching videos, taking on offers, completing surveys, downloading apps, and yes, even referring other people to sign up. I personally like answering surveys on this site because there are lots of reliable survey providers that have partnered up with GrabPoints. It’s where most of my points actually come from. Another personal favorite way to earn is via their referral program. It’s the very definition of a passive income for me, because I can earn from my successful referrals’ earnings without lifting a finger (I get 50 points when they earn a hundred points, which is all sorts of neat)!  

The points you earn differ with each kind of task, given that they have different variables. However, in order to redeem your earnings, you will only need the equivalent of $3 in your account (around 3000 points)! How does that grab you?

What makes GrabPoints unique?

There are so many ways that make GrabPoints stand out for me in a sea of survey and GPT sites. The most obvious one is how considerate they are at paying users. Firstly, they do it fast. GrabPoints claims to process all payments within 72 business hours, but I’ve honestly received most of my rewards in just 48 business hours! Secondly, the low minimum payout requirement helps. This means that if I need my gift cards or cash ASAP because of any reason whatsoever, I won’t have to wait a couple of weeks to redeem them and actually get my hands on them. Other survey sites have the unfortunate practice of setting such a high trigger payout that it’s discouraging to even work towards it, then wait so long to redeem what you’ve earned.

I already mentioned the presence of a referral program on GrabPoints. In my honest opinion, that also gives the site an edge over others who don’t have it. There are already many ways to earn points on the site, but adding another source of passive income sweetens the deal further for me.

How does GrabPoints reward users?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Aside from cashing out (via PayPal, which is another plus for me!), users can redeem their points for an impressive choice of gift cards here. There are the expected gaming-related GCs like Minecraft, Rixty, Xbox, Nintendo e-Shop, and more. But there are also uncle-approved (my uncle, at least) gift cards such as Macy’s, Gap, eBay, Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon, Skype, and others. Basically, everyone of any age can get the kind of reward they like here (mine is cold, hard cash!).

For me, the variety of rewards offered up here speaks volumes about the kind of confidence that the site has. GrabPoints can provide a lot of rewards because it knows that users are motivated by them. And by speeding up the payment process and lowering the minimum payment requirement, it shows how seriously it takes its users’ needs. I like that.

GrabPoints is something I truly recommend because it is considerate of the time and effort exerted by its users to participate in its platform. And it truly is an equal-opportunity survey site because users of all ages can benefit from it, and end up loving how rewarding it really is.


  1. Allowing paypal is a win. A good mix of GCs is fine too. I've heard they can bring a passive income, when you find a good one.

  2. I haven't done incentive sites like this in years, but I'm intrigued by how easy this one sounds. I may have Allison give it a whirl since she's been wanting to earn a bit of money. This might be an easy way for her to do so. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. I have never heard of GrabPoints before, but it sounds like a good survey site. I'll let my mother know about this one!

  4. I need to check them out further. I used to do surveys for another company, but they got too long and rarely paid much. GrabPoints sounds much better!

  5. I love the idea of GrabPoints. I hadn't heard of it and I've heard of a lot of survey sites, I will be checking it out!

  6. Thanks for sharing about GrabPoints. I've never heard of them. I've always wondered about survey sights. This helps a lot.

  7. I had never heard of this but it sounds really interesting. For sure going to look into it

  8. Thanks for posting about this survey site. I'm heading over to sign up now.


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