Monday, July 2, 2018

GREAT SAVINGS! 25% Off Label Daddy Summer Camp Labels!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my LabelDaddy-lovown. 

Label Daddy has this great Daycamp Pack that has labels in multi-sizes for half the price of their bigger package, and I couldn't be more delighted!! My son is responsible in so many areas, but one he is refining (very slowly) is keeping track of things he takes to camp. This is a big deal because after a very short amount of time, his camp donates lost and found items to charity. Yeeikes!! I mean, not 'yeeikes' for the charity thing (hurrah for donating), but yeeikes that that's money down the drain for us, if he's got something in there that we missed. And so... we've turned to these great Label Daddy labels to save the day! While they have a TON Of choices for label and design, Mr. Basketball over here was set on Golden State Warriors logos. I don't mind. His favorite player is Stephen Curry, and I think he's a great role model (let's throw in another hurrah! for good role models) and so, that's the logo we selected. You can choose from different designs/colors, if you're not stuck on basketball. ;)

What I really appreciate is that you can get the packages that have a variety of sizes. There are some things you need labels for that are big, and some that are smaller. One-size-fits-all is definitely now always the case when we're talking about things that need an identifier. Now if I were the one getting labels with a design (and I wasn't this time), I'd go with something softer and a prettier font, like the purple background with hearts you see above. Lovely, aren't they? And see all of the different size/shape choices you can get in one package? Let me clarify though, that you can get a single size only, if that's your what you need (and there are many of those to choose from too).

Not only would these be great for camp, but they'd also be awesome for back-to-school. I think every parent should send their students' items with them labeled. So many of the school supplies look exactly alike! My BFF works in a nursing home (retirement village) and she says the labels come in handy there too. There are many uses, in fact, that I can think of right off the top of my head, for Label Daddy labels.

I opted to get these write-on chalk labels to help with organization. I often use my kitchen canisters, but I frequently change what's inside of them. Having a label where I can erase and re-do without it looking messy appeals to me very much. These 12 labels are available in a package for just $6!

You could use them in any area of the house (photo boxes might be a good one!), but I love how they look in the kitchen! Of course I've just touched the surface of styles, colors, designs, and uses. Label Daddy has cornered the market on quality labels. I used to shop around just anywhere for mine, until I tried this company. Now I've been with them for several straight years running. When it works and you love it, why would you change? :)

Think you might love these labels too? They've got a great sale going on right now, 25% off for their summer camp labels:  Click HERE. That's great savings. Now all you have to do is get started designing and that's the fun part. :)  Enjoy!


  1. Great that they have so much variety. Yeah, better hold onto his things or off to charity they go.

  2. I like those write on chalk labels. I need to get some to help me organize my crafting room a bit better!

  3. Label Daddy is awesome. I am glad you shared this sale, I need to get some back to school labels like now.

  4. That sounds like a great deal! I love the idea of putting a labels in your school things because school stuffs are mostly the same and I need those write on chalk labels to help me organize my kitchen condiments.

  5. Certainly useful! I did notice that they took off all their Marvel ones. I wonder why? I got Isaak basketball ones.

  6. I can absolutely see what a great addition to labels would be at home and at summer camp. I remember the days when you had to sew your name into camp items.

  7. I kind of wish that when one makes labels, they could do 1/2 one name and 1/2 another name. I think that would be a good market for them. So many people have 2 kids. I think 2 kids over 1 or 3 or 4.


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