Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Baby It's HOT Outside: Cool Down with Cascade Ice Drink Recipes (Kid Friendly!)

I haven't put up a recipe post in a good long while, and what better way to make up for it than to share ice cold refreshment recipes...because baby, it's HOT outside. We're melting over here, but I have NO COMPLAINTS! I love summer and everything that comes with it. It's way better than ice and snow, and with Cascade Ice drinks in the house (my son's favorite!!), it's easy to cool down anyway! All 3 recipes come to you courtesy of Cascade Ice. You can modify as you see fit or drink up, as is!

Recipe #1

The Watermelon Wow: This recipe is the perfect summertime pop! Pour some Blueberry Watermelon Cascade Ice into your ice pop molds. Add some fresh blueberries and be sure to leave a little room at the top! Put the ice pops into the freezer for at least 4 hours or until frozen solid and then enjoy this yummy summer treat!

Recipe #2

Peach Mango Ginger Ale Bars: Fill popsicle tray 1/3 full with your favorite Ginger Ale. Next, fill another 1/3 with Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Peach Mango. Finish by adding freshly chopped pieces of mango. Want some raspberries in there? Strawberries? Add them in – the fresher the better!

Recipe #3

Strawberry Watermelon Refresh: While you’re waiting for the pops to freeze, cool off with a refreshing drink! Start with Strawberry Watermelon Cascade Ice and fresh lemon juice. Mix the two and add pieces of fresh watermelon and strawberries. Pour over ice and refresh yourself!

This is one of many great ways we're staying cool this summer. Thank you Cascade Ice!


  1. You are more than welcome to the heat. All of it. Even those cool treats wouldn't reconcile me.

  2. Those pops look amazing!!! Perfect for summer.

  3. Sure a great way to help keep cool. I'll take the heat over the snow and ice any day, not like you get that down there though, hmph lol

  4. Summer is the perfect time for popsicles and mixing fruit drinks with Ginger Ale. I remember doing that all the time as a kid. It's a great tradition to pass on.

  5. I like that you have recipes included. I dig the first recipe! I think my boys would like it.

  6. The strawberry watermelon refresh sounds so yummy! Adding a little bit of vodka would make it even more summery though ;)

  7. I don't think I've seen that brand here before, but I'm going to hunt around our store on Sunday to see if we do, in fact, have it here. It sounds scrumptious!

  8. I'm salivating over the Peach Mango Ginger Ale! I love the addition of fresh fruit.

  9. We made frozen treats recently! Adding fresh fruit was great!


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