Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Insurance 101 for the Modern Woman

Photo taken from my car window. That is the STREET! Flooding is everywhere.
Lots of people around here are glad they have the right insurance. It's always best to be prepared!
You work hard and play hard, and you need insurance to cover everything from your car to your home to your life. Do you really need that much coverage? Yes, you do, and bundling insurance often helps you save that much-needed dough for a cosmetic shopping spree in the end. Take into account the dangers of not carrying insurance, including an uninsured motorist ding on your driving record. Then, contact a professional to help you find the best coverage you can get, but wait! Do this first.

Establish Your Coverage Budget

Sit down and fire up the laptop to take a look at your Quicken, Microsoft Money, or whatever finance software you use. If you don’t use a program to track your personal income and expenses, upload one. This may be why your checks keep bouncing or you don’t have enough money to cover everything at month’s end. Remember when your mom instructed you to create a budget and stick to it? Sorry, but she was right. Yep! She’s right about everything and you know that!

Once you have the software opened, take a look at your monthly income and expenses to see how much breathing room you have. No, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your fun money for insurance, but you need the coverage more so do so if necessary. Crunch the numbers if you must and see where you can cut back to allocate funds to monthly insurance payments, but also keep in mind that if you can pay for everything in one lump, annual sum, you’ll save money.

Armed with Your Numbers…

Armed with your numbers contact a Cleveland insurance agency to discuss your insurance needs. Consider everything: auto, health, home, and life and let the agent know how much you have to spend. Keep in mind you can save money in many ways, including paying for a year’s worth of coverage as mentioned above and bundling your coverage into one convenient package. Ask the agent for additional discounts, as well, such safe-driver or low-mileage rates, auto-pay discounts, or special discounts if they apply.

The important thing is that you’re covered when you need it. You never know when somebody might cause an automobile accident, or unfortunately when you might be the cause. What about auto or home theft? And, heaven forbid your house should burn down. Life throws unexpected curveballs all the time, so don’t be foolish. Rather, be prepared and ask the agent about each coverage option in great detail. Knowledge will empower you to make the right decision for your current and future needs.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your car or truck, home or life. Make certain you have the insurance coverage you need for any disaster. A bad occurrence should never be made worse with a financial sting, and remember, should you become injured in an accident you may be on disability for a while. Do you have enough money saved to cover your living expenses if you can’t work? Insurance insures you jump over the bumps in life rather than fall victim to them, so bundle the coverage you need today.


  1. Hooley dooley. That is a LOT of water.

  2. When I got my first job out of college, I remember not understanding what I needed life insurance for! Ah, youth.

  3. There are so many things you need insurance for. It's important to find a reputable insurance dealer who can guide you in getting the right policies to meet your needs.

  4. It is not safe to drive in those rising water! stay safe xoxo

  5. Sure have to find a reputable one and not one that will rip you off if crap does happen, that is key for me. Then yeah, you need to make sure your rump is covered indeed. Fire and water are big ones, as is renters insurance. Know a few that didn't get it and had apartment buildings burn down. No sympathy for them as they could afford it, just didn't get it.


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