Friday, June 15, 2018

I LOVE Filters Being Delivered to My Door!

This is a water filter for my refrigerator. why am I taking a picture of it?! Because FilterSnap takes the measurements you need for a refrigerator and/or air filter (more on that shortly), and sends one to you, per your schedule request via U.S. you don't ever have to worry again about not having time to replace it (my shopping schedule is severely limited at times, I 'get' it!

Why doesn't it have a name brand, you might be wondering? Well because if you take off the name brand...thus removing unnecessary fluff, you also strip a off a good portion of the price. That makes perfectly good sense to me!

And this is the seal...because you want a filter that goes where your source of drinking water will be, to have one until it's time to be used. Oh yeah, and one more thing that delights me...the directions printed on the filter (so you don't have to search for your user manual every time you replace a filter)? Pure genius!

FilterSnap is a service that just makes me giddy with their delivery option. I'm so not kidding. Now...

what about the pollen season and air? Well, FilterSnap has a solution for that too...high quality air/furnace filters delivered right to your door, again... on the schedule you choose!! Here at our house, we change ours monthly (on the 1st, so we don't forget). How often do you change yours?

If you or your family sneeze and wheeze your way through spring, you probably have a whole routine to get relief at home: keep your windows closed, crank up the air conditioning, clean your ceiling and bathroom fans, and so on. But here’s a key defense that many people forget: change the air filters in your furnace

Furnace filters trap airborne particles like pet dander, dust mites, pollen and mold spores to prevent the dirt from entering the furnace’s blower. As the particles build up, the filter gets clogged so these allergens stay in the air. Add that to outside offenders that are unleashed as plants begin to bloom, and you’ve got allergen overload. Result: misery.

So be sure to add filter changing to your spring to-do list – and to make it easy, use a service like FilterSnap that delivers filters to your door on any schedule you choose. Just tell the company your filter size (you’ll find it on your existing filter), and select the filter quality you’d like (basic, standard or ultimate) and the replacement schedule (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months). When the box shows up, you’ll know it’s time for a filter change. Your family – and your allergies – will love you for it.

Learn more by visiting the FilterSnap website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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