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Did You Know that Lonely Planet Makes Books for Kids?!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

One way to foster the love of travel for children is to a). travel (ha, of course!) and b). purchase engaging books for children to read about traveling. Lonely Planet has been our go-to when we are on the move for quite awhile. All of our trips to Europe have included a LP travel guide because they're super helpful, and spot-on with their suggestions for food, accommodations, sites to see, and more. I know many of you have heard of them as well, but did you know they have a line of books for children in this area as well? I did, but not to what extent, until now...

If  you peruse the 'kids' section of their website, you'll find a ton of travel books available for children, and they have them organized in easy-to-find methods/ways as well. These fold-out poster books have to be my favorite. They allow you and your child/ren to track places you have been, or note where you would like to go. There are over 180 stickers in them, to place where you would like, and the map is just huge (which adds to the fun factor). Imagine the awesome wish list you and your kids could create together in these books!

If you take a look inside, you'll see it's not just a travel map, oh no! not by a long shot (this is Lonely Planet we're speaking of, so of course there is going to be more!). There are informational, fun pages with cute travel illustrations. I like that they ask questions too. That is always a good way to get a conversation going with your child, to find out where they might like to go, or what they might like to do that you have not thought of yet! I know my daughter wants to go to Australia. It's not a place that I had high on my bucket list, but I get it, and I'd love to at some point take her.

There are interesting facts sprinkled all throughout these books too, such as this page that gives you mountain heights in popular travel destinations.

The fact sheets for different places are fun, and they are listed in alphabetical order so they are very easy to find. I have found that my kids like to digest information, especially true if it is easy/seamless to do. These books understand their audience, and write age appropriately for the kids! No one is going to walk away from these without having a better understanding of some facts regarding the places they investigated to visit (or even investigated that they have already visited).

We're going to take some time and fill in the places we've been. We'll add to it as we go... and though we're traveling domestic these days, we do still have some work to do in both of the books (Europe and North America). I think these books will make fun keepsakes for the kids too!! It's something I know they'll like to look back on later when they are grown and say, "I remember doing that book!" 

A variety of stickers are included, including those with a blank space to write your own messages.

Another fun book they have to entice your children to want to learn more about travel  is this Lonely Planet, 'Around the World in 50 Ways!'

It offers all kinds of travel options, both traditional and the kinds you likely wouldn't think of at all but that your kids might!

There are many destinations listed in the book as well, with a little information on each of them for the reader (again, they've written these in small, digestible bites for the kids).

I like the illustrations in this book as they're almost like a graphic novel or comic book!

Of course I was excited to see Honolulu in there. This is another destination my daughter has on her bucket list, and so it is also on mine.

I do have to admit, I'd love to go to a luau and try to Hula. Maybe that's a dance even I could do, with my non-rhythmic self. Surely my daughter, who is all about the smooth moves would do well.

For me, a European Cruise would be a dream come true!! I'd love to take one with the kids. What a wonderful way that would be to spend part of the summer!

My BFF wants to go to Alaska. I'm not overly keen on going anywhere I perceive to be cold, but photos I've seen from others who have been are always amazing, so maybe... In any case, this Lonely Planet book gets you thinking!

If you're going to the ever-popular family destination of Italy, picking up a copy of this Lonely Planet, "First Words in Italian" is fun and useful for the littles in the family. It helps them understand a bit of what is being said, if they don't speak Italian, and it helps them communicate as well.

The most important thing for them to learn is in the photo above... no further explanation necessary. ;)

You want them to be able to greet other as well. It's an easy way to help them feel more immersed in the culture.

If they're sending postcards home, learning to say 'postcard' and 'stamp' will be useful. I know most gift shops sell both. They could even send postcards home to themselves, which is a fun and economical way to get them 'involved' as they travel (plus it's a fun momento to receive once they get back home...and they may even beat their postcard home). :)

My youngest would want to know how to say 'sandwich.' He's not overly adventurous with his food choices (yet!), so he'd want to know this, 'ice cream' (as noted earlier), and perhaps water with no bubbles, hahaha, as he isn't a fan of carbonated water. ;)

This picture makes me smile because that's my face leaving Italy. No matter how long you get to visit, saying 'arriverderci' always comes too soon.

Learn more about these great travel books (and others!) for kids by visiting the Lonely Planet website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and/or Pinterest.


  1. Yes, true. Children loves travel and the relevant books helps the travel more interesting.

  2. i did not know that Lonely Planets made books for kids :) this is very interesting and colourful

  3. Sure sound and look like a win indeed. Fostering travel and learning are big wins. But then travel costs lots of $$$$, so that makes them an even bigger win haha

  4. i have heard of these books! i think they are great for children. gives them a foundation for an interest in traveling and wanting to learn about other places.

  5. These look so awesome! My kids love learning about new places, so I bet they would go nuts for this.

  6. Whaaaattt I didn't know that Lonely Planet makes books for kids! These would make fantastic reads for my niece. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. I didn't know, but the books sure sound like excellent reads for my peanut this summer! He'd love the traveling books and traveling even more.

  8. As a teacher and someone who loves travel, I absolutely love this. I have a couple of students who I already know would love this. I will have to look into buying some of these.

  9. As a mom myself, I really love fun and educational materials. I love that these books are so detailed. Would be such a great resource for families who love to travel.

  10. I love these kinds of products! My kids are grown and we still love making a game out of it.

  11. I am a big fan of Lonely planet guides but I never knew you could get kid friendly ones too.

  12. Those are great travel books for kids there. I love the idea they show the world to our children in beautiful ways.

  13. I didn't know that/ But I am a fan of lonely planet. It seems that the books would be pretty interesting for kids who would be future travelers.

  14. These books are so cool! Kids love travelling, with these books they can satisfy their curiosity while learning about new places!

  15. These look like some neat books. This would be helpful if you plan to do some traveling.


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