Friday, June 15, 2018

Contigo Couture Collection: Practical Father's Day Gift Idea! #FathersDay

What is it with dads and stainless steel? Maybe it's brilliance??? Dads know quality, and how to get the most bang for the buck in terms of durability, so why not use stainless steel whenever you can, and that includes for your beverage bottles too! Dad works hard, so making sure he stays hydrated is a must. Contigo has created the new Couture Line where the bottles are classy enough to be in an art gallery, but functional enough to be gifted to dad for work or play (and he'll love it!!). 

My personal faves on this bottle are:
  • spout big enough for ice cubes (oh yeah! no more trying to squeeze ice in there)
  • looks (I'm a sucker for good looking)
  • vacuum seal (it's gotta be fresh)
  • the big mouth makes it easy to clean this bottle too!
  • it's environmentally friendly

Guy favorites (because this really is a great idea for dad)
  • it keeps the drink cold for up to 24 hours (so dad can leave it in the truck, work for a bit and come back when he's thirsty to a cold drink...or when it's time for lunch his drink will still be ice cold)
  • it keeps drinks hot for up to 10 hours (no more cold coffee on the morning drive)
  • it fits perfectly into the cup holder (dad is after all, very practical)
  • it's leak-proof
  • it has a lid
  • there's a soft-touch loop so it's easy to carry on the go
  • lifetime warranty (again, dad appreciates smart)
So why is my featured bottle purple when I'm touting this for dad? Because this bottle is for me, bahahahaha! I'll be picking one up for my oldest son ('cuz he's an awesome dad!) though, and his will be Blue Slate (more colors available).

Learn more about this and other best sellers by visiting the Contigo website.

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