Sunday, April 29, 2018

Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Baseplate Giveaway for Kids!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

Whether you are buying these Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Baseplates for a boy,

or a girl (and of course you can actually buy any of the color schemes available, for boys or girls)... or whether you are buying the small kit like you see in the first picture, or the bigger one like you see above (or one of the many other great items they have available on their website), the one thing that is sure, is that fun is about to ensue.

Assembling the product is as easy as looking at the picture on the front of the box.

My son had the smaller one put together in no time flat. 

It was truly as simple as placing the legs on the corners, and putting the base plates where he wanted them in the stack.

That step was particularly important and took some thought because as you can see, there are trap doors you can let down on some of these plates. That makes them the perfect accompaniment to not only bricks, but also to the little matchbox-sized cars that little ones love to play with so much...and a plethora of other toy items your little one might like to put up there as well.

Our resident inspector came over to view the final product, and once we got her seal of approval, my son started in on building the taller set.

This one was the same as the other in terms of building it, it just stands much higher when you are finished (if you choose to build vertically, which he did).  

Again, you want to be careful where you place the platforms because some of them have trap doors, just like was mentioned in the first set. 

Of course you can rearrange the set as needed, it's not difficult to get together. The thing is, when you load it up with the items you want to display, you might not want to have to rearrange it...that in itself could become a process (or something your child might enjoy if they're big on reorganizing things like my boy does over here). I guess the most important thing to do is plan ahead how you would like the scenes to play out, for whatever it is you will be displaying, if you don't like to move things around much once you've got them in place.

My son is going through a Lego Batman Movie phase, so his entire L-shaped desk is covered with scenes from that, which left little to no room for his other types of building pieces (these baseplate are compatible with all major brands). Now he has two different places to stack those, so he has scenes and cities all over the place in there now, which of course delights him.

This picture here, only shows the beginning of little man getting creative. Like I said, he's all about organization and design. ;) Sorry for the weird shadows in this last photo. When it gets dark outside, there's not enough light no matter what we do (I'm looking into finding the perfect lamps). I did want to include this picture though, so you could see how it looked as he chose to assemble it. You can build these up vertically like he did, or make them go across (horizontally) if you prefer. There are no right or wrong directions. It's all a matter of your child's imagination, which is something that always makes for the most fun.

There's a Giveaway!
One lucky winner gets this Trap and Gap Baseplate to call their own
(accessories shown, not included)

New! Trap and Gap Baseplate • $24.99 • Ages 5+
This unique baseplate takes the classic Strictly Briks stackable plate design and adds to it with the addition of trap doors and ramps that open up tons of creative possibilities. From castle towers to parking garages to homes, you can go from level to level with action figures, cars, and all sorts of toys. The Trap and Gap Baseplate 4 Pack includes 2 10" x 10" baseplates with trapdoors in blue and gray plus 2 10" x 10" stackable baseplates in gray and green, as well as 15 Stackers. Patent Pending.

US entrants only.

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  1. He sure does look to be having fun. Your resident inspector is looking a bit miffed, good it passed haha Our resident inspector would kamikaze it, sadly.

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    tiramisu392 (at)

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