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5 Winners! The ICB Prayer Bible in Blue or Pink

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Up until this point, my 10-year-old has had a children's Bible, albeit a cool one (with illustrations from a Marvel comic illustrator), and while he has loved it and still does, he really is ready to advance. The ICB Prayer Bible has proven to be the perfect choice.

It is made with the same sturdy, thin paper of adult Bibles, and it has the same content. It does, however, add points and information to help children better understand what they are reading.

I'm going to put up some examples so you can see what I mean. The Prayer Pointers, like you see above, help encourage children to remember to pray for all things, including giving thanks when things are going well. My son is GREAT at this, and I'd love to see him keep that up. This ICB encourages him to do so.

Different prayer suggestions that help children deal with common challenges are generously sprinkled throughout the book. These pages are sometimes on thicker, glossy paper with lovely colors, so they are made to stand out. 

Frequently Asked Questions are also strategically placed throughout this Bible. They answer questions your children might be thinking, but haven't thought to ask...or questions that might come up at any given time.

The ICB (International Children's Bible) translation is specifically made with children in mind. Without altering the content, it has been considerately written it in a way that children can easily read and understand.

My son loves his new Bible, and feel especially proud to be taking it to church each Sunday morning. I think it makes him feel more grown up. He has been bringing both this and his other Bible to the living room at night, when we're reading the scriptures together.

There are a few other things I'd like to note about this Bible. One is that there is an attached ribbon bookmark which makes it easy to remember where you left off That's important if you're in the middle of something you'd like to continue later. Plus it's just handy so you don't waste precious time looking for a place you'd like to find.

Instructions for ways to use your Bible are inside too. This is a reference children can refer to time and time again as it is needed.

There is also a Table of Contents,

a Prayer Article Index,

Key Verse Highlights, to help when you have a topic to look up (or something specifically that you'd like to know more about), 

and suggested memory verses for life. I have my own life verse, Philippians 4:13, but the suggestion here of Psalm 37:5 is a good one too: "Trust Him, and He will take care of you." It is simple yet profound, easy to remember, and 100% accurate, as I have seen time and time again. I love it!

If your kids want to record prayer requests, they are able to do that in a designated section too. What a great keepsake, to put in their 'baby box' when their time with this Bible is up and they upgrade to an adult version. I will eventually add mine to my son's box, so he can see how he has always had strong faith and love for God.

If you'd like to take that a step further, it also comes with a Prayer Journal to accompany it (and a pocket in the back of the Prayer Bible to store it). That gives your child a whole new area to write in, which many will love! The cover of it will match your Bible (Navy Blue or pink versions of this Bible are available). 

Free Downloadable Sample & Discount Code

If you'd like to see a free sample of the Pray Bible, so you can check it out before you buy, you can do that here: There is also a discount code you will find there, and if you like the Bible, I recommend taking advantage of that, for sure!! This Bible is already VERY reasonably priced, so you're really going to save a bundle on a lifetime investment if you use that code.

Purchase Links

If you already know you love this Bible, you can make a purchase here:

purchase link (pink):
purchase link (blue):

There's a Giveaway!!

If you'd like to take a chance and win one, 5 lucky folks will get one to call their own!! 
This is an awesome giveaway, and I love that they're offering more than one for a prize.
Winners get their color of choice, and will be selected on 02/10/18.

The Prayer Bible for Children helps children develop a heart for prayer and learn the Bible through the popular ICB translation, the simple translation children can read and understand.  Special pages throughout the text highlight the most famous and beloved prayers featured in the Bible. From Abraham's prayers to the Lord to Jesus praying before his crucifixion to the way Paul prayed for the churches he planted, this Bible will teach young readers about a God who loves to hear from His children and loves answering prayers. This Bible includes a pocket with a prayer journal for children to record their own prayers.

Special features include 160 pages of prayer articles throughout the text and 64 four-color pages featuring poem prayers, Scripture prayers and engaging Kids' Q&A's. The full page prayer articles will help children learn how to pray, to not fear prayer, and to see within the Word how and when God's people prayed. The colorful decorative pages will feature kid-friendly scripture prayers, topical poem prayers and fun questions and answers kids have about prayer. As a value-add, the Bible comes with a prayer journal and a handy pocket on the back flap to carry the prayer journal.


  1. I will admit I haven't really read a bible here since I was a kid and went to Catholic school myself. But this looks like a wonderful edition and love that it gives guidance on how to help our kids to pray, too.

  2. You have to subscribe to that site and I don't want to. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. Sounds like the one to have for the kiddos that want it indeed.

  4. That's great for the kids who are old enough to need a little more.

  5. Broxton really needs this. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. That sounds like a great way to help older kids get more out of their Bible studies. Heck, it looks like something that could be great for adults, too.

  7. That is a lovely bible. It would make a great First Communion gift.

  8. What an awesome Bible! I love Bibles like this. I haven't had a Bible like this in a while.

  9. This sounds like a great Bible for kids who are ready to advance from a children's bible but aren't ready for straight text. I love that it has FAQs.

  10. This bible and prayer journal is so beautiful. Love the shades of blue and all the little golden designs!

  11. I'd consider this Bible for our son. He asks a lot of questions about God so he needs his own reference text.

  12. I want the pink one! I love having sections for making notes

  13. This is awesome! What an amazing giveaway!!

  14. Looks like a nicely designed bible. I love the journal too.

  15. That is a very nice bible. I admit, I preferred my child/teen bible over the adult version because I could understand it better. It kept me engaged with reading it longer. This would definitely make a nice gift! Easter is coming up!

  16. I like this Bible. This would be great for older kids to learn more about our faith. I will follow the links you provided and check these out. I might even get one for myself!

  17. Awesome giveaway! Although my grandchildren are still too young for this kind of Bible, I would still get them their own for when they become the right age for this. I love the prayer journal too!

  18. Very thoughtful content layout for the Bible and the girl's version has such a sweet cover!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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