Friday, January 19, 2018

Andrew Charlton Keynote Speaker at Screen Forever

When you are looking to up the ante on your business, no matter what angle you are viewing it from, one of the first things you are likely to do is consult an expert. Andrew Charlton, who earned his Doctorate and Masters in Economics from the University of Oxford, studying as a Rhodes Scholar (all of which is super, awesome, and fantastic in and of itself) then went on to create a very impressive business resume (check out the site yourself to learn more), definitely qualifies as an expert. He is  the co-founder of AlphaBeta, which is an economic consulting and analytic company based in Sydney and Singapore. He was also an invited keynote speaker at "Screen Forever."

"Screen Forever" is a big deal. For over 30 years they have brought together the who's who (in front of and behind the scenes) of the Australian screen industry, to have a forum where there is always discussion and debate about business issues that affect all aspects of screen businesses. More than 750 delegates were in attendance last year (November, 2017), gathering together to confer, pitch, discuss and learn for 3 full days of activities and fun. Work and fun in the same sentence? Yes! And that time together for them was priceless. The best part of this kind of an ongoing, well-thought out annual gathering is that you not only glean useful information from the scheduled events and activities, but you also get to join in with the best of the best for general socializing and just having general conversations. The networking opportunities are endless!

Partnerships, friendships, and valuable networking opportunities (as mentioned above) abound, and everyone who attends is apt to leave with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the gains they are likely to have made just by being in attendance. I know we have this kind of forum in the industry I work in as well (though it is not screen related, it is still awesome and my comrades and I use a lot of the things we learn all year long on our jobs). 'Screen Forever' is definitely a popular event that business people in the industry are eager to attend year after year after year, in no small part because there are speakers like Andrew Charlton there to help them ,earn how to propel their businesses to a new level. I love these kinds of events and know many will be eagerly anticipating the lineup of speakers who will attend in 2018. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Mr. Charlton made a return visit as well?! I think, yes!

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