Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Themed Items are Easy to Find at Oriental Trading

Festive winter-themed items from Oriental Trading are a great way to keep you in a happy mood all throughout the chilly season. We buy from them in bulk for our school incentive store, and with their great prices and high quality items, they are a place we return to time and again to make purchases for the students (and my kids too). All of the items shown here were certainly a big hit!

The dominoes seen above come in a holiday snowflake case that keeps them all together and makes them extremely portable too. When kids have down time (half days always have an hour of play time) they like to take these out and challenge each other to a game. The bite-sized pieces (you can't eat them, lol) are a perfect for the desktops.

The only time we let them eat snacks in school is on the aforementioned half-days. Lollipops are popular because they last a long time. The best way to enjoy something you're not usually able to do, is getting something that's not going to be gone in a second or two. Trust me when I tell you they savored these pretty pops, right down to the very end.

In the classroom I go through pencils like crazy, so I was sure to stock up on the big packages with a winter theme. Two of the designs I took out for the rewards store, and the rest I kept in my file cabinet for days when kiddos forgot to bring their own.

Fidget spinners are always popular with the kids, and these with the snowflake design are unique and cute as can be. There's just something about the snowflake design that really picks up a mood (and honestly I'm not even a fan of cold weather)

These little beauties are great for stamping daily work in the classroom and they were a huge hit in the 'store' as well (kids buy with 'dollars' earned daily for good deeds). Again, I took one design out for the classroom and put the rest in the shoppe.

Putting in these vinyl-covered mini-footballs with a snowflake pattern was a good idea as well. Who doesn't love to toss around a ball? It's something kids (and adults) cannot seem to resist.

Slap Bracelets are even more fun in holographic winter colors. These never grow old with the students, which surprises me because I used to think of them as an item for preschoolers only (I guess because my granddaughter loves them so). Nope...students of all ages are happy to walk around slapping each other and themselves with these, and the design on these is uber appealing for sure.

Gingerbread crafts are fun to make too, and these have a magnet that attaches to them so you can put them on the refrigerator (or any other magnetic surface). If you write names on them, it's a fun way to decorate a white board (which is magnetic). The kids like to see their names on something with a seasonal feel.

These are but a few of the great winter-themed items you can get at Oriental Trading. Head on over to the website to learn more, and find all of the bulk (and singular!) items you need and more. Chances are high you'll find everything you want, and some items you didn't think of that (but love!) that you'll end up buying too. We've been making our purchases from them for years!! They are definitely a go-to site when you're looking for quality, reasonably priced items to buy for home or school.

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