Sunday, December 17, 2017

Savvy Travelers No-Rinse Wipes make Great Stocking Stuffers!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

We're getting together the Christmas Stockings this weekend, and one of things going into my daughter's is Savvy Travelers Jet Set beauty wipes.

There are a variety of (TSA-compliant) wipes, such as deodorant wipes, make-up wipes, and more. They all come individually wrapped to make them easy to take along with you when you travel or are on the go. They have a special no-rinse formula so they are perfect for camping, hiking and toting along to other places where you might vacation as well. OR you can just take them with you to school or work, for just in case moments when you might need to wash your face, or have forgotten your deodorant.

I know I've gone to work and forgotten deodorant before. It's been awhile since that happened, but I still remember feeling mortified. You're stuck and in a situation you can't leave, so you just have to hope you don't sweat or get stinky, lol. With these, tucked into your desk drawer for the just in case, that wouldn't even be an issue.

I've also cried at a movie (hey, it happens). If I'd have had these, I could have wiped under my eyes, gotten rid of the mascara that had run down my face with the tears, and left the theater without the running make-up tattling on me.

There really are so many uses for these different types of wipes. They're definitely handy to have around.

You can take them all in the case they come stored in, or just carry along the individual packs with you that you think you might need. Savvy Travelers prepare ahead of time, by being proactive enough to know what they might need to pack for the just-in-case. They also do that by taking up a minimal amount of space to do so. Pick up a few of these to tuck into Christmas stockings, they're sure to be welcome additions when the time comes that they are needed. Learn more by visiting the Savvy Travelers website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. These come in handy while traveling. Love these and always have similar on hand.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Savvy Travelers are a great choice for anyone that travels about. They have a great selection of wipes. These are an awesome stocking choice.

  3. They are sure handy to have around. Getting rid of stink and tears, win win.

  4. Oh so great to have Sawy Travelers great solution to have with children's around. Ready for the on the go!

  5. This Savvy Travelers are what I need as full time travelers! Love the design!

  6. These would be good for my daughter to put in her gym bag instead of toting around a big stick of deodorant. Super handy, they are!

  7. This is a great idea! I like little sample things like this because they are easy to carry around in my purse.

  8. I love these for travel! Just to freshen up when you get to your destination!


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