Saturday, December 2, 2017

PowerBall Pump Action Ball Blaster Ages 8 and Up

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My son's new Dart Zone Powerball Pump Action Ball Blaster is downright menacing, in a good way. He and his brothers like to have wars. His brothers are much bigger than he is, and not very merciful, so he needs to have the best equipment for getting a good shot in before they beat him (one day he'll be the young strong one, but right now, that's not the case). ;)

This gun is for ages 14+, but I've allowed my son to have it...for the aforementioned reason. Also, he goes all out when he's 'warring' and wears his goggles and dart vest (and sometimes even a helmet, lol, I'm not kidding). :)

The Dart Zone Powerball Pump Action Ball Blaster shoots far and fast, and he is excited to get a game going soon with his siblings. Until then, he's getting lots of practice in. This is a fun toy for the kiddos. We are having a blast with it at our house.

Dart Zone® BallistixOps™ Ball Blasters fires Power Strike™ foam rounds up to 100 FPS (feet per second).  The Powerball’s Quick-Load Hopper holds eight foam rounds. Just like Dart Zone® Super Darts and Blasters, BallistixOps™ is fully compatible with the leading brand’s rounds and magazines.
• 1 Powerball Ball Blaster
• 8 Power Strike® Foam Ball Rounds
• Up to 100 FPS Performance
• Quick-Load Detachable Hopper
• Ballistix Match Design: Power Strike® Rounds and Powerball Blaster work with high-impact foam rounds and ammo magazines of major brand
• Ages 14+
Sold at Target and Target.

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