Sunday, December 10, 2017

L Shaped & Other Atypical but Beneficial Types of Office Desks

Disclosure: This is a guest/sponsored post, though I do love the idea of having an atypical, truly beneficial desk!

While in years past many corporate offices used a “tried and true,” yet ultimately monotonous interior layout for desks and chairs, today there is much more variety and freedom in the way that offices are planned. All of this lends a much healthier and dynamic feeling to many of these offices, as workers feel more freedom to communicate and move and sit in healthier ways that are kinder to the body.

Inviting More Freedom Into the Office Space

More and more studies are finding that working in a place that offers a feeling of a more dynamic energy flow is much better for employees overall. Let’s be honest, people who put in a long day of work need to feel some freedom in their situation. That’s why many offices are now using more versatility in their setups, like putting in L shaped office desks and even standing desks that allow for a more open feeling than those used in the past. Desks in an l shape or a U shape can maximize workspace very efficiently, and bring on more of a collaborative feeling among employees. All of this is very conducive to creativity and brainstorming, which is a positive bonus indeed.

Modular workstations are another new part of the evolution of office spaces, as these types of desks allow for the use of laptop computers and other work essentials while also providing the feeling of privacy a cubicle brings in.

Other Important Styles of Office Furniture

Even as the workplace evolves, there are still some pieces that have really stood the test of time. A great looking reception desk is one of those pieces, as a handsome reception area still speaks very well of a company to the clients who walk in and see a welcoming place. A practical and good-looking writing desk is another piece that’s never gone out of style. This is likely because a great writing desk tends to help a person feel centered and more able to think quietly enough to conjure up some great words for that next novel or business letter.

Yes, offices have evolved a lot over the years, but great office furniture is still a great asset to a well functioning work space.


  1. I'd love to rework a room we have downstairs, so I actually like working down there.

  2. Having the perfect set up is key. Then you don't have to stand and type like me lol

  3. I've had an L-shaped desk and it was the best set up. I am shocked that some companies think open seating, with no assigned desk, just long tables, is the new way to go, we had that decades ago and it was very hard to concentrate and you have no feeling of belonging, no place to put your snack or extra shoes. Weird.

  4. Jason has an L shaped desk at work and I always thought it was a good idea. It seems a lot easier to access the things he needs.


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