Monday, December 18, 2017

GuruNanda Rose Gold Oil Diffuser

I received a press release for Gurunanda's Rose Gold Oil Diffuser and wanted to share it with you, since it is a brand that I love. My daughter has the Gurunada Honeycome diffuser that works amazing and looks great too. it actually changes color (as does this one) and emits wonderful scents into the air. The Honeycomb diffuser is actually included in my Holiday Gift Guide, if you'd like to take a look.

Aromatherapy has come home.  And this ancient Ayurvedic medicine practice, which harnesses the health and wellness powers of pure essential oils, has never looked better, thanks to the new GuruNanda™Rosegold Tower Oil Diffuser.  This lightweight, stylish device has an elegant rose gold-colored finish and a sleek silhouette. It disperses a fine mist into the air containing molecules of essential oil that have the power to calm, relax, uplift, or invigorate depending on which oil is used.  The diffuser’s soft, soothing color-changing LED light adds a special visual element to the experience.

·         The latest sophisticated yet easy-to-use aromatherapy diffuser from GuruNanda
·         Brings a touch of rose gold – a popular hue in fashion and jewelry and even in electronic devices – into the home
·         A convenient and affordable way to enjoy aromatherapy at home or in the workplace
·         A natural “air freshener” that provides a pure and healthy alternative to traditional chemical-based room sprays
·         To Use:
o   Simply fill with water and add a few drops of one of your favorite GuruNanda Essential Oils* (Two are included with the diffuser)
·         How it works:
o   The ultrasonic diffuser creates vibrations that are carried to the surface of the water where the oil is floating
o   The oil is broken down into nano particles and then diffused into the air, filling any home or office environment filling any home or office environment with an aromatic fragrance, while providing the relaxing, calming or energizing effects of the particular essential oil you have chosen
o   The diffuser will not heat the oil/water mixture, so that the full therapeutic and restorative properties of the chosen oil remain intact
·         Also features a soft, color-changing LED light that adds a soothing visual element to the aromatherapy experience
·         Water capacity:  100 ml.
·         Automatically shuts off when water level is low (after about 4 hours)
·         Chose from 2 modes of operation:  continuous (up to 3.5 hours) or intermittent  (up to 7 hours)
·         Available for purchase at or in stores (I recently saw one at Walgreens!).


  1. I've not tried this yet, but probably should.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Sounds easy to use indeed, heard good things about them too at many a other zoo.

  3. Great blog post. I am gonna try this Gurunanda's Rose Gold Oil Diffuser. It looks amazing , was thinking of having some aromatherpay product and this glanced out. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. That is interesting to read how these diffusers actually work. I have one and love it. This one from Gurunanda looks and sounds great!

  5. That's pretty. I thought about getting a 2nd one. Just so I'd have one for work. It gets so dry in the work place.

  6. This GuruNanda does have a light simplistic look to it. I really know nothing of essence oils but have been told I am really missing out. I just wonder because I have such allergies to a wide variety of things.

  7. I love mine! It is so pretty. I am really digging rose gold lately, and love how it looks in my room.

  8. I love the nice rose gold color of this diffuser. That is going to stand out and make an impact in any room. I think I will get one and replace the diffuser we have in the living room.

  9. I simply love the rose gold color! It's good to have a diffuser at home especially during this season and this one's perfect!

  10. I love how sleek this diffuser looks. I think it could blend in perfectly with just about any decor.

  11. I use a lot of essential oils for stress relief therapy so I go through diffusers quite a lot. I'm looking for one now and will check this one out because it's so darn cute.

  12. I have an oil diffuser but it isn't as pretty as that one. I love Rose Gold!!

  13. I have started using essential oils and have been looking for an oil diffuser. I really like the design of the Gurunanda's.

  14. I am starting the essential oils route, more so in 2018 and I am learning about how to use it! Thanks for letting me know too about the urunanda's Rose Gold Oil Diffuser!

  15. Walgreens is close by. This is a great gift.

  16. I love diffusers and home scents. Thank you for the review. I am thinking of giving my friends diffuser instead of scented candles. I feel that they are more relaxing.


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