Saturday, December 9, 2017

Decorate for Christmas in an Instant! GeekMyTree with 50 Awesome Effects

Every year we like to go all out for Christmas and decorate to the max. We have not, however, had a tabletop tree ever (with the exception of the year we left the state for the holiday, and that one was borrowed from my mother-in-law). I have always liked them though, and thought this year in addition to our full-sized tree, we'd get a smaller one too. Tree Effects from GeekMyTree is perfect because it does so many THINGS!! 

Before I tell you about the visual perks, you'll want to know these branches are very sturdy. They fold in nicely for storage, and then when you take it out for display, you simply unfold and fluff each branch. Easy peasy. They are a nice authentic pine green color too.

The bottom base is weighted and covered in burlap wrap which matches most any decor. 

Tree Effects comes with all of the accessories you will need too, to make a spectacular show of colors in your home. The star tree topper and attached lights are included, as are the snap-on star pieces, the power outlet, instructions and a remote.

The remote comes with quite a few options, such as changing colors, fading colors, blinking colors, all one color (your color of choice), and more. There are additional snap cap styles available for purchase on the website.

Each snowflake snaps on to cover your lights. It's easy to do and only took a short amount of time to get them all on and firmly in place.

I put this picture in above, so you can see the lights without the snowflakes in place...

and this one so you can see them after they are on.

We plugged it in to give it a try and were delighted with how soothing and nice the lights were on the tree.

You could even make the lights one color and the star another.

We have this little tree on every day, just like we do our full-sized tree. It definitely adds an extra touch of awesome that we would miss now if we didn't have it.

We had a blast going through the 50 different light shows available with this tabletop tree.

I suppose what I love best is that it reminded me of a light my grandparents used to have out every holiday. It ran through light shows too, just like this one does. Feelings of nostalgia are always strong this time of year, as well they should be. :)

The no-tangle tree lights are a big hit with me too. I can't tell you how much I hate unraveling lights each year (even if they're neatly wrapped around cardboard or plastic like we do it, they can be a pain). This tree was the easiest decoration in the house to put up, and we just love it!

GeekMyTree has launched Tree Effects, a tabletop light show tree with 50 full-color light patterns, changeable light caps, and a wireless remote for $49. The product is perfect for people who want to add a little Christmas cheer but have limited space or no longer want to hassle with a big tree.

Unlike traditional pre-lit trees, Tree Effects operates every LED independently to deliver spectacular full-color effects that mesmerize friends and family. Simply plug it in for an instant light show that is easily controlled with the provided wireless remote. 

Tree Effects also features changeable light caps. You can replace the included mini-snowflakes with new shapes like stars, pumpkins, or pet paws, for different holidays or themed looks. 

Tree Effects was first introduced through Kickstarter in March 2017, and the project was completely funded within 48 hours. Tree Effects delivers the experience of our original GlowBalls seen on Shark Tank on a tabletop tree for a fraction of the original price. 

Learn more about this no-hassle awesome table-top Christmas Tree by visiting here


  1. Wow.
    Enjoy it to the max - as I know you will.

  2. This is a nice tree looking good

  3. That will add even more holiday cheer as the lights go this way and that, would be fun to play with for the cat.

  4. This is a really beautiful tabletop tree that I would love to have in my house. So easy to set up!

  5. This would work for us. It's the hassle and the danger that we gave up the big tree and the tons of lights and other decorations. What a great idea.

    Have a fabulous day, ♥

  6. My mom got rid of her large tree and went to a tabletop tree. I wish she would have gotten this one because it is so cute!

  7. I remember looking at this post over the holidays.
    I need to look at ordering this for Broxton for next year. He has a small tree in his room, but no lights and its kinda sad. This would be fun!


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