Friday, December 15, 2017

Beautiful Minecraft: A Book They Will Love for Christmas!

No Starch Press has outdone themselves this time with their Beautiful Minecraft oversized hardcover book, and my son is going to flip when he sees it. As huge fan of the game, this book takes Minecraft building to the extreme, and it's nothing like anything we have ever seen before. It earns its title, the pictures really are beautiful.

Some of the creations in here, like this tree monster (for lack of a better word), are ones I'd have never thought of myself.

Others seem so realistic like the people you see in the photos above.

To me, some of them are so elaborate it's hard to tell they were made on a video game screen.

I don't know that we'd have time to sit and make these, but looking at them is a visual feast for sure.

I've seen some good talent on Minecraft, this takes the cake though. These are just amazing, right? To be honest, I get lost when I play the actual game (my sense of direction is not good in real life either). I'm just not very good at it. But my son likes it, and he builds sometimes. I wonder if he'll try to emulate these or if he's going to just read it. Time shall tell... right now it's under the Christmas Tree. :)

With a bit of imagination and a heavy dose of artistic talent, Minecraft blocks can be used to build almost anything. But as you’ll see, some artists are taking Minecraft building to a whole new level.
Beautiful Minecraft is a compendium of stunning artwork built in Minecraft. Using millions of blocks and spending hundreds of hours, these artists have created floating steampunk cities, alien worlds, detailed classical sculptures, fantastical landscapes, architectural marvels, and more.
The results are simply beautiful.
Take a look at the No Starch website yourself. This is just one of many fantastic books they have for sale. If you're looking for a book the kids will love, I'm betting this one is it!


  1. I have a cousin who would enjoy that one. They are so much better looking than my pathetic Tower of Doom lol it rises into the sky, that's it.

  2. Holy Moley! I had no idea you could get all elaborate with the building like that in Minecraft. That is seriously amazing!

  3. This Beautiful Minecraft looks a great story book. My nephew will love it.

  4. This book looks so magical!!!

    My kids still get into Minecraft.

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