Saturday, December 16, 2017

American Plastic Toys Affordable Ice Cream Cart

This is my son who has the sweetest little girl in the world. That little girl likes to pretend, a lot. She's good at it too. She can turn something like this My Very Own Ice Cream Cart from American Plastic Toys into a really great event. I bet you when she opens it for Christmas, we're all going to have 'ice cream' treats to round out our day.

The beauty of American Plastic Toys is that they are big, durable and VERY affordable. You can find them in major retailers all over the US. I found this ice cream cart for under $20 at Walmart. This is the kind of gift i would have loved to have found under the tree when I was a kid. I know my grandbaby is going to love it too. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it.

The My Very Own Ice Cream Cart is a rolling vendor cart that allows you to scoop your favorite ice cream and make cones and sundaes. It features a pretend freezer compartment, credit card scanner, credit card and coins. Four cones, two bowls, four spoons and six scoops of ice cream along with two scooping utensils, are included. The dimensions on this toy are 23.75" x 15"x29.75" when built.

Pick up any one of the American Plastic Toys available at major retailers, and you're sure to make a wee little's Christmas even more fun. Learn more by visiting the website.

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