Wednesday, December 20, 2017

5 Tips to Avoid Indulging on Holiday Office Treats!

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There all kinds of ways to splurge and enjoy yourself during the holiday season that don't include filling up on junk that looks deceitfully good, but is oh so bad for your healthy eating. Quill understands the tempatations are real, but so is the desire to be true to you. While 'all things in moderation' holds true as a personal mantra, we definitely want to be mindful of snacking this time of year in the office when EVERYONE is deciding to bring in snacks and holiday treats (most of which are filled with lots and lots of sugar).

Head on over to the Quill website to see 5 practical tips to help you avoid the urge to indulge in holiday snacking at work. My favorite is getting a hot beverage. The no-sugar hot cocoa idea they suggest, made with pure cacao powder and almond milk sounds oh so delicious. Or for an extra immunity boost, they suggest making a warm tumeric milk with a dash of cinnamon. Tasty and decadent, but still not over the top on tipping the scales towards too much sweet.

You don't have to cut yourself off from special treats, you just have to be smart about which ones you select, and how much of them you take. Healthier alternatives are available that allow you to still feel celebratory, but without an ounce of guilt. Lots of them in fact.

To learn more about the tips Quill provides for avoding work tempatation overload in the holiday snacking department, head on over to their blog. I always find a wealth of information on this site, including this one, and I'm very happy to share that information with you. Visit Quill to learn more.


  1. Eating the same thing day in day out sure makes it easy to avoid temptation at my sea haha

  2. I didn't eat 1 cookies, while I made and decorated them. I was so proud of myself. Most treats are filled with sugar for sure!

  3. I never have a problem with this. Sweets are a rarity for me, but other foods are not. It's the mail dishes that I have trouble with at times.

    All great tips. I do the hydrate one all day long.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. Merry Christmas dear friend - hey if you ever get to GA - stay here! sandie

  5. It's so hard to resist all the goodies this time of year. It definitely take a lot of willpower to say no thanks and walk away.

  6. It's really easy to gain weight in the month of December, that's for sure!


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