Wednesday, December 13, 2017

$20 OFF Just in Time for Christmas! The Tanda Pillow is Awesome!

If you're looking for an awesome Christmas gift to give this year, give the gift that gives year round. The ultimate in cooling pillows, you will never have to flip your pillow to get to the 'cool side' again.
There are two options to choose from, Complete Cool or Comfy Cool, or you can get a set of either type, and right now if you enter the code giftzzz you can get $20 off your order. Just in time for holiday delivery!

I know two people in my family who would love this Tanda Pillow. The first is my sister-in-law who unless she puts on the air conditioning, has a hot bedroom which makes it hard for her to sleep. She doesn't use the air a lot of times though, because then the rest of the house gets too cold. It's truly just her room that gets to roasting. I guess the position of it, in relation to the way the house was built just makes that room unusually warm. The second person I know would love it, is my oldest (grown) son. He sweats easily in his sleep, and something like this could make a big difference for him.

Breakthrough ATROS technology gives you an all over cool sensation, but the Tencel infused fabric remains soft and comfortable on your skin. The Opti Breeze foam formulation keeps the pillow soft too, and that's important. I know some people like a firm foam pillow, but not me. I want to have a comfortable, soft pillow to put my head on at night. If it keeps me cool, even better!

I think these would much such a lovely gift idea for so many different people that might be on your shopping list, and with that $20 off code, there's no better time to shop! Learn more by visiting the website. You can also follow along on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. I'd move my room if it was the hottest in the house. Sounds like it would do the trick for both of them indeed.

  2. Great pillow is indeed what you need for better quality sleep!

  3. I would love to try this pillow, and I know of other people who would like a pillow like this, too! Nice!

  4. I agree with Indah. If you don't have a good, quality pillow, don't count on good sleep quality. I know Jason would love this cooling pillow!

  5. I got a pillow like like this years ago and it is old and ready to be tossed. I need to check on this


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