Sunday, November 5, 2017

Learning a Bit About Nancy Behrman & Her Worldwide PR Business Success

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my entrepreneur-loving own!

Today you hear of people trying to start their own business from home quite a bit. In public relations and marketing, probably even more so because there are so many new branches of it now in existence. Years ago, that was definitely not the case, with a sprinkling of exceptions. Nancy Behrman is one of those exceptions. Working hard from her studio apartment to make her vision come to life, she created Behrman Communications in 1985, which to put it into a time perspective, was over 30 years ago. It is a business that has been, and continues to be lauded by customers, clients and other greats in the business. 

Behrman runs a full-service communications agency that specializes in beauty, health, accessories and fashion. As a trail blazer in the industry, she has some accomplishments aplenty under her belt (most likely a lovely fashion-forward belt) of which she can be proud. She has proven to have a knack for understanding how public relations, when used the right way can enhance campaigns, introduce or cement brand recognition and help propel businesses forward. She has also evolved and adapted her company over time, paying special attention these days of course, to social media, all it entails and how it can best be used in favor of her clients.

Personally, I love that she has forged her own path, that her business has lasted and thrived, and that she is a success story for us to use as an example of how hard work, time, and skill can lead us above and beyond goals we set for ourselves. Her company has worked with industry greats such as Kiehl's, Burt's Bees, Clarisonic, and Eos. Personally I can attest to the popularity of the Eos campaigns, because for a good long while there, it was the only lip balm teens would embrace. I saw it with my daughter and her friends, and I witnessed the same within the schools. I still have a soft spot for Eos, because it reminds me of a certain time period in my daughter's life. It's one of those products that is sealed with a memory for me now. :)

While the worldwide recognition and unwavering success of her business speaks for herself, it is nice to hear about the actual person behind the work. Five Hundo sat down with her to conduct an executive interview in 500 words or less. Turns out her most sound advice is one I keep close to my heart as well, and that is the importance of remaining true to yourself. Click over to see what else is in the Nancy Behrman interview. Let me know if her two favorite food preferences made you laugh, like they did to me, won't you?

Kudos to Nancy Behrman who leaves a legacy to transcend future generations, simply by staying true to herself, and putting in the hard work, skill and time necessary to meet (and exceed) her lofty business goals.


  1. She sure proves that all the work can pay off indeed. Her company started the same year as me lol

  2. I love Burt's Bees products. If she heads that, she's doing a great job.

  3. I love to hear about successful women. She sounds like she is really making a name for herself in the beauty industry.

  4. Love when people stay true to themselves, just had a conversation about this the other day!


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