Sunday, September 17, 2017

How Can You Turn Your Personal Smartphone Into A Business Phone?

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In many cases you do want to have more phone numbers, just like you would deal with email addresses. The common approach is to have one for the personal communications and one for business operations. You want to have separate business and work numbers so that the work-related calls are going to go for the voice mail after a specific hour or the personal calls can be deferred as you are during working hours. At the same time, billing and accounting become a lot simpler.

Mobile phones are much more advanced than they used to be. Now they can be used in order to make it seem as if there are 2 phone lines available, although just one device is used. All this is possible through many different providers. For instance, you can easily buy 0141numbers that would be added to the phone for prices that are as little as $25, based on what is actually needed.

What Do You Need?
The greatest thing about turning the personal smartphone into a business phone with the use of modern technology is that it is something really easy to do. All that you normally need is a virtual phone number from a carrier and an app that would be easy to use on basically all phones. You have to sign a contract with the provider and then simply install and configure the app. Then, you take advantage of a world of different interesting features without having to worry too much about anything.

Why Would An Extra Phone Number Be Needed?
Most of the services that add a phone number will use the internet so this brings in a number of extra advantages people should be aware of. Two that are of high interest are:

·       Any mobile device can become a phone. This includes tablets and even mobile devices like the iPod touch. The only thing that is really needed is an internet access that is possible through the gadget. Then, you just require a headset for better communication and a microphone. Even Bluetooth support is enough to connect a headset if the device only has internet connection to offer.

·       The phone number that you get can be from another country, state or city. Customers located in that area are going to find it much easier to contact your business. The rate they have to pay is that of local conversations so it is much more advantageous for them.

The small business, especially the one that has just one remote employee can get a main number that acts like a private branch exchange, all handled in the cloud. Callers can select if they are routed to another number if this is a necessity so communication is again, much faster. Whenever the small business owner wants to, new phone numbers can be added. In theory, there is no limit to how many phone numbers can be added to just one smartphone. That makes one man become a single business in the eyes of consumers.


  1. These are great tips! I wouldn't mind using my cell phone for business things.

  2. This would be awesome for those that travel for business, even just around their city or county. Also for nurses (an example) that work in very large areas but are based out of a certain place.

  3. Jason uses his for personal and business. It's really handy to keep one phone for everything.

  4. Be great for customers if one can get a local number indeed. Great tips.

  5. Such a great idea! My smartphone is literally my assistant! I use my Google voice as an additional number, and this qualifies it for a tax write off, so you are so on point! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This reminds me of the wave of 800 numbers in the 1990s and later. This sounds better as it seems like it could be added seamlessly.

  7. This is a really useful post. I am tired of caring few phones. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow, this is what I needed. Thank you for sharing this useful post.

  9. I didn't realize how easy it is to add different phone numbers to your smart phone. This would certainly be helpful for managing a small business. Great tips for sure.


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