Sunday, August 20, 2017

Airtight Infinity Jars Preserve and Protect

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Ultraviolet light filtering technology keeps any and everything you put inside of Infinity Jars safer than if you were using clear or amber glass. In fact, these containers with an airtight seal preserve, rejuvenate and keep the taste and smell of your items intact longer than most any other container. In the photo above you can see three of the four different sizes they have for cooking oil bottles that have a spout. Please note they have many other sizes, shapes and types of glass jars and containers. I just thought these were perfect for storing precious oils you don't want to quickly go bad!

They have a huge assortment of different sized scew top jars, two of which you can see above. You could use these to store your hand-made lip balm, for sure, but also for a million other things (the lip balm just immediately comes to mind). Regardless of the type or size, all Infinity Jars, due to the nature of their protective technology are the same deep violet color. To help distinguish what you are storing, the company will send over jar labels. They also send over a protective cleaning cloth.

Infinity Jars are thick and heavy. That makes them not only ideal for residential use, but also for commercial use. You will find these in restaurants, beauty shops, specialty shops, and more. They are a great investment because the product you are storing in them can last a great deal longer than it would in many other types of storage containers. In addition to the selections you see here, I also have my eye on the large water jar (which I would refrigerate and keep at work so I wasn't drinking fountain water) and the dropper bottles (which I would use for essential oil storage).

The number of ways you can use this is limited only to your imagination. Take a look at the Infinity Jars website to learn more. You can also follow them on Facebook.


  1. Sounds like they work great. Good to use one for your own water, blah to nasty fountain water.

  2. Hmm. Not sure what needs great protection, but I'm sure I'd find something.

  3. I was totally thinking this would be great for essential oils

  4. I love jars like this. They are so nice for our homemade cleaning and beauty products, helping to keep them fresher for longer periods of use!

  5. Fascinating. I'm thinking of what I'd put in them :)


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