Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chuck E Cheese BOGO Offer: $20 Worth of FREE Game Play During the Month of August!

There is no place my kids would rather go for dinner and fun time than Chuck E Cheese (you can go in the day time too, we just usually go at night)!!

Whether it's collecting tickets to 'buy' the little toys they love (vampire teeth, bookmarks and bouncy balls are their faves),

riding the rides,

or playing their favorite games, Chuck E Cheese is always the winning choice.

During the summer months they have had some great deals going on, but this new one that is about to start is phenom! For the month of August, on week days only, guests who purchase $20 or more in games (Play Pass points) will receive $20 of FREE gameplay. Now that's a deal the kids can cheer about.

Head on over to your local Chuck E Cheese (remember, week days only) to participate. Comments are turned off for the post. This is a deal parents and children alike will love, please feel free to share the good news in person and on social media. Thank you, and a big thanks too, to Chuck E Cheese!