Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ahh 7th Heaven: That is What Mom and Grandma Will Say if You Give Them These!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Don't forget to scour the beauty aisle at your local retailer today, to pick up some really cool 7th Heaven foot and hand masks for mom. I put the 7th Heaven face masks (they have a huge variety and so many of them are AWESOME!) in the Christmas stockings last year and they were a huge hit. For Mother's Day, I will attach 7th Heaven pouches to the front of the greeting cards. What better day to gift a little pampering to mom than on her big day?

I have used the sock masques, and they were simple and effective. You simply open the foil pouch, pull out the socks that are filled with softening ingredients, and put your feet in them for the assigned time. It's a great excuse to relax and your feet do come out much better for it.

The New 7th Heaven Soft Glove Masks, Soften Sock Masks and they have a Strengthen Nail & Cuticle masks too, deliver baby soft, super-test hydrated hands and feet, and stronger, perfectly conditioned nails and cuticles. All come in single-serve sachets, and offer the perfect adjunct to an at-home mani or pedi, or they make great gifts for holidays and awesome favors for a bridal party. Their unique glove and sock format helps effectively deliver moisture and beneficial nutrients to the skin. All are available at Walmart stores nationwide. Pick these up today, to give to mom tomorrow. I'm sure your mom will thank you. :)

You can learn more by visiting the 7th Heaven website.


  1. Sure make Moms and Grandmas everywhere perky indeed

  2. Oh yes please allow me to pamper the feet :)

  3. All of us moms would love to get our feet pampered before sandal season hits. This is the perfect way to treat them!

  4. NO NO NO
    I need, NO ...
    NEED the feet socks.
    I am in need of a pedi, so this might help until then!
    Never heard of them. Thanks


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