Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What is Organic Apparel?

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Organic apparels have become favorite commercial products among health conscious people. Some wear organic clothing just to establish a social status symbol while others want to contribute a little to save the environment and keep their bodies well,  especially in the case of health. But wait what actually it is?

Cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and harvested by hand, organic cotton clothes contribute to the well-being of those who grow it. Sustainable production practices do not pollute water, soil or air. They even contribute to the improvement of soil quality! The process that makes our clothes works exclusively with organic cotton. Non-allergic, soft and soft to the touch, organic clothes ensure the well-being of ours protecting the sensitive skin.

Why inclined to Organic?

You should always make sure to buy organic but, what is the advantage behind buying organic clothes? The first and essential feature of organic garments is that they are eco-friendly and the organic cotton used in their manufacture.

Organic cotton is always grown with the methods that have the lowest impact on the environment. The use of toxins such as pesticides is strictly prohibited in the cultivation of organic cotton and therefore our skin is not exposed to these harmful chemicals.  In addition, because organic cotton is grown without pesticides and insecticides, it maintains as well as improves the fertility of the soil.
Another reason behind the popularity of organic clothes is that they can be called organic only if they confirm the standards and regulations established by international organizations. If a fabric is labeled organic, you can trust it for the best standards of manufacture and quality.

By giving organic gifts on special occasions like Christmas, you can be sure that the small wearing will be saved chemically treated clothes. Side effects are often reluctant to buy organic clothes because of the cost factor involved in them. Although, these clothes are a little more expensive, but they have a longer life.

Conventional cotton used in ordinary garments is treated many times before it turns out to be a garment. From the process of death to discoloration, a rag will encounter with chemicals and formaldehyde sprays that affects its quality. If the fabric is treated hard so many times before being finally manufactured, its quality degrades after 15-20 washes. Because organic clothes are saved from these lengthy procedures, it will last longer and possibly for a minimum of 100 washes.

More and more people are becoming aware of the pollution linked to the textile sector and the deplorable conditions of work that are encountered too often in the workshops. They invite brands to take a stand and change their practices. Thus, more and more major brands are launching their organic cotton collections to meet the expectations of a clientele that wants to pay attention to its purchases. But not too much!

Where to buy organic apparels?

Organic apparels at are certified throughout the value chain according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and natural directives. We focus not only on ecological production, but also on the long-term relationships with our brands and pay attention to the working conditions of producers and respect for fair trade, which we regularly ensure on the spot. We not only provide our customers unpolluted natural textiles at competitive prices, but we also contribute to a positive development to the global textile industry.

Organic fashion at is soft on the skin and good for nature - Buy organic clothing of vast range and high quality on our online store. We deliver reliably and quickly, directly to your home on orders of $145 and above!

Labels that make the difference!

“Organic Certification” is only concerned with cotton growing. Once organic cotton is harvested, it often joins the same processing as other conventional textiles following same treatments and staining with products containing heavy metals. But the following brands (this list is by no means inclusive, by the way) are focused on specialized natural fiber prohibiting toxic products throughout the manufacturing chain that affect the environmental criteria.



American Apparel

Devon & Jones

By purchasing organic cotton clothes, you are encouraging the manufacture of safer, healthier clothes. You also favor the development of an organic market that is more respectful for farmers and the environment. In short, buying organic clothes is a wise decision if you are real!


  1. That must take some doing to get it all organic indeed. But yeah, makes more sense in the long run to go organic with clothes too, better for all.

  2. I'm not surprised this is the next step in organic products. Why not.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  7. I used to try and buy organic clothing - People Tree and the Bishopston Trading Company were two of my favourite - I even made my own organic cotton wedding dress from scratch, but now we just opt for second hand clothes instead. It's cheaper, and it saves waste, I feel. I'd definitely buy from companies like this again if I could afford it though.

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    I love learning about new (to me anyhow) clothing lines for men. Especially since Mica's out of kid's clothes. He's growing like a weed!

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