Friday, December 16, 2016

The Magic of My Name Children's Book

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

You can never have too many books! At least that's what we say and firmly believe in my family.
The Magic of My Name is a fun book to personalize and own, because it incorporates your child's name into the story. I've already noted, I love the ones that do that because my kids all (but one) have very unique names, so if you don't do something like this, they just won't find their names in a book (or on anything else for that matter, lol!).

Of course too, I want the story to be easy to relate to (or one that will make them think) for the kids. This story for my niece is great because the little girl has brown hair like she does, and the mommy has long black hair, just like her mother does.

I went all out and had her middle name put in this one too, since so many people use the two names together for her. She was in the hospital a month before her parents got to bring her home, so the strong middle name of 'Grace' just seemed so fitting. How lovely that her mother gave it to her, and how wonderful that everyone regularly uses it. Not every middle name gets so lucky. ;)

The pictures are colorful, delightfully busy and the characters are very animated. It is the perfect way to help capture the attention of a girl or boy, even if they are a wee bit too small to read on their own just yet.

The Magic of My Name story book is definitely one your child can grow into, which means it will be cherished for years to come. I think this would be great to give any time of year, but especially right now when it is Christmas.

You can learn more abou the whole line of storybooks offered by visiting the Magic of My Name website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. Looks cute indeed. The ones where you can personalize are great for sure.

  2. This is adorable! I should definitely get this for my daughter.

  3. That's neat that they can do this now.

  4. I have never seen this book, I love it and know my kids would too! We are big time readers and my kids are all about a good story, one with their name in it... even better!

  5. This is a new book for me! Looks like it would make a great Christmas gift.

  6. I agree that these kind of personalized items are great for kids with unique names. We can never find Mariah on anything, so we always have to buy Maria and add an H lol.

  7. This looks like it has really neat illustrations. I've gotten a name book for most of the kids in my family. Kids love personal things.

  8. You know I love books... and books with my kiddos names are even better!!!!!!!!!!!


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