Monday, December 12, 2016

Getting into the Holiday Spirit with Famous Artists

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

It seemed like Amy Grant was everywhere once upon a time. I thought she did a great job singing pop and gospel music. Then she disappeared, or I just didn't hear much about her for some reason, for such a long time. So when I found out she had released a holiday CD, I was delighted!

And now I own and two other Christmas CDs as well, and that makes me very, very happy. I still own a car that has a CD player in it (I know a lot of them don't these days), and I really enjoy it. Playing these while driving back and forth to work is relaxing. I'll tell you a little bit about the discs, and maybe you'll want to get one or more for yourself too!

Amy Grant, the six time GRAMMY winner and multi-platinum selling artist has released her first new holiday album in nearly 2 years. This is a collection of 13 new recordings including the title track Tennessee Christmas. This disc offers a blend of Amy Grant originals and classic Christmas favorites.

Matt Redman, songrwriter and worship leader, has released his first ever Christmas albm this season: These Christmas Lights. This CD features Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Tomlin and Tasha Cobbs. It's well done and Redman, also a GRAMMY winner, has a very pleasant voice. The songs are originals.

Christy Nockels, also a praise and worship leader and songwriter, has also released a holiday CD, The Thrill of Hope that is a mix of new and original songs. My personal favorite is "Oh Holy Night," and she does an absolute tremendous job of singing it, or as the younger generation might say, "she crushed it!"

In keeping with the Christmas spirit (and the sound of music, pun intended), we also picked out Good Good Father. This book was based on the lyrics from the author's hit song "The Good Good Father."

It is a story that helps reiterate that God is a good and loving father, in a way that children can understand. The illustrations are grand too, they take me back to the types of pictures I remember in children's books when I was a kid.

Seasonal items are always great ways to help get you in the holiday spirit, and these four choices are all tops! You can buy them at local and national retailers, and online at Amazon.

Do you buy seasonal books and music to help foster the holiday spirit? 


  1. I always loved Amy Grant too. I am glad to hear she is back with a new holiday album! You know, my car is newer and has a cd player. Allison was intrigued and asked, "What's this for?" lol

    1. Cash Registers, Dial-Phones, Channel Knobs, Roll-Down Car Windows, CD Players, the Yellow Pages (saw that in a movie recently, lol)... we are def. in a new generation. :)

  2. Sure plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit there indeed. Foster the holiday spirit? Hmmm on that we may fail lol

  3. Your son is very handsome.

    I too love Amy Grant.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. I love all Christmas albums. Haven't heard that one yet! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I always remember Amy Grant when Holiday Album is released! I'm glad to see her again and remember.

  6. love thos holiday album! great tips

  7. I am so happy that Amy Grant has a new Christmas album out! I must have a copy of that. She's the best! I love the book you've featured here too. I like storybooks that teach kids about the goodness of God.

  8. I love the Pentatonix Christmas Carols, all pure angelic voices :) These look good too :)

  9. This is amazing! I think it's awesome to have different Christmas albums from talented artists! It's always nice to have Christmas music playing at home!

  10. I said I want to have Christmas music playing around here...
    I did it when we were decorating the tree. Might have it when I am cooking, just need a CD player in the house

  11. Love how you're making this a tradition for your family. The little guy looks so excited!


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