Thursday, December 15, 2016

GeoSpace Knows that Kids Like Things that Light Up!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Do your kids like things that light up? Most kids do! GeoSphere by GeoSpace is a light that comes in many different sizes. It has a lot of cool things about it, but the coolest I think is that you build it yourself. Then you drop the wireless puck light in and let it go!

You can use it as a table light decoration, or hang it. It's light weight, and easy to hang, and it looks good just about anywhere you want to put it. It comes with  a wireless remote.

Another cool find on the GeoSpace website? This LED Snap N Go Hula Hoop. This takes your classic, standard favorite and makes it better because it eliminates the one problem you have with the traditional version: storage!! How many times have your growled at hula hoops in your house because you had no place to store them where the looked good? This one snaps together, and apart very easily. That makes it a cinch to store anywhere you want, even out of sight.

Another big plus? It has lights in it! That makes it fun to use when the sun is going down, or inside in the dark too. 

My son was really getting into this thing... I gotta tell ya. He was trying it every which way but loose.

I had to draw the line on the neck thing, lol. He didn't think it hurt, but it looked painful to me. ;) We really like this toy. It's lightweight, easy to use and well...the lights. You can't beat the lights and they work like a charm. The only problem we had with this is that once in awhile it would snap apart when my son got to really going with it. That didn't bother him any, but you would want to know that so you could be careful not to have little ones (or fragile items) anywhere close by.

You can find both the GeoSphere and the LED Hula Hoop by visiting the GeoSpace website. You can also purchase either item on Amazon. Be sure to follow along on Facebook too, and/or Twitter.


  1. I love things that light up like that too. And as a kid, Lite Brite was my favorite thing to do.
    Take care, fun lady. =)

  2. Who doesn't like things that light up! My kids do! On a side note, I saw a Facebook video of a grandpa who received a pair of light up shoes and thought they were the greatest thing in the world. Light up objects have no age limit ;)

  3. Things that light up are fun indeed. haha big meanie not letting him do it around his neck.

  4. I love the ideas they come up with!

  5. Your cutie pie looks like he was enjoying himself. I remember hula hooping from when I was young, it's timeless.

  6. I love things that light up I too was obsessed with the Lite Bright when I was a child.

  7. This looks like so cool! It would be so fun to install and have fun playing with it. I know my 8 year old will love this.

  8. wow what an interactive puzzle lamp. Complete brain exercise with lots of fun.

  9. okay, that is cool.
    pretty awesome.


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