Saturday, December 10, 2016

Design a Koozie & Get a Discount!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My someday to be daughter-in-law (they're engaged, no date set) is a delight. She also is a young lady who takes her Koozies very seriously. I did not know this until recently when my SIL and I were over at my son's place, helping him hold up boards while he drilled them, preparation for a hurricane alert. His drill died in the process and he offered the neighbor who was outside doing the same (they live in a condo) a beer in exchange for the use of his drill to finish up. 

The neighbor readily accepted and out came a bottle in a koozie... but not just any koozie, it was his girlfriend's koozie. When his girl pulled up to help, she immediately spotted and wondered what her koozie was doing outside...and I laughed. Of course she had no problem with the exchange, but it was fact that she is one who is dedicated to the koozie design and style she has selected to bring home. Now as a funny reference I will of course be designing a koozie for her for Christmas or her birthday which is immediately following, at this website, which is Express Imprint. 

They have a whole lot of different options for designing the perfect Koozie for your drink. I have a thing for the cans of sparkling water, but I only like them if they are ice cold. A koozie is the perfect thing then to keep my hands warm and my drinks cold. So...I set about to build my own. At Express Imprint you can choose an art option (I chose a beach scene), a color (I chose purple), your font size, placement and color (I chose a script in white and put it in the corner) and they type (I selected collapsible). The photo above is the end result of my design, and I love it! The process to design is super easy (very user friendly), fast, and full of options.

As I noted, for just a few dollars (or less, depending on the style you choose), this is a fun gift to make for most anyone, any event, or any team or function. If you DO want to make one for Christmas, they have images for that too. In fact, they have images to use for most any hoiday, love, hobby or happening. 

There's a Discount!
Take 20% off any order by using the coupon code: Rosey4Koozies

You can learn more by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. Now that is a neat gift indeed. Could have a little fun with it and make it ones own.

  2. You know I am a sucker for personalized products. I'd take mine to the beach to keep my sparkling waters cool too!

  3. Love it! This would be super cute for a themed party!

  4. We did koozies for our wedding favor.
    We are all about koozies in the south :)

  5. Personalized gifts can be really nice. I've never seen personalized coozies (without having to buy in bulk), it's a great idea.

  6. Oh that is so cool! I need one of these in a beach them and one in a city them. I love the beach and NYC.

  7. I love this! I need to get one of these for everyone in the family. I think the kids would love a cozy with a Christmas theme for their pop.

  8. What a fun gift idea and a good idea for a family reunion, BBQ, or party! You can get all sorts of creative with that koozie!


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