Friday, November 18, 2016

Trudeau Offers Affordable High Quality Products for the Kitchen You are Going to Love!

Putting together a practical gift set like this for the baker in your family is such a good idea for the holidays!! This is something you could give before Christmas to someone who bakes a lot (we all know someone who bakes a lot!) or that you could gift for Christmas, that they would surely love. All of the items are from Trudeau and you purchase then separately, which makes it easy to choose what you would like to include in your gift bundle.

As for me, I'd choose a decorating pen for making baked items pretty, a silicone cupcake pan (because I like the purple outline, ha!), heavy-duty (there is no ''flimsy'' at Trudeau) measuring cups that nest for easy storage, silicone candy molds, and the spatula with the wooden handle. Any of these items could also stand on their own and be great as stocking stuffers too! Me? I'd bundle them up with a great baking book or cookbook...or create a themed Christmas Stocking. The one thing you want to make sure though, is that Trudeau is the brand you choose. Why? Because they are reasonably priced but still made with tender love and care.


Set of 3 Round Chocolate Molds

Trudeau’s silicone chocolate molds have round ridged polished cavities for making professional looking mini desserts and candies easy and effortlessly.  The perfect gift for the chocolate lover, this Set of 3 Round Chocolate Molds, includes a mint, coral and fuchsia colored mold to easily identify baked goods.  These molds are perfect for chocolates, jellies, cream cheese, sugar, fondant, ice cream and more.  The flexible material allows for easy unmolding with crisp shapes and high detail. These silicone molds can be used in a microwave, oven and freezer and are dishwasher safe.

0991307 MSRP: $11.99

Decorating Pen
Unleash their inner artist with this handy tool that makes customizing favorite homemade treats as easy as writing and drawing with a regular pen. Personalizing baked goods with names and messages or embellishing them with creative designs is a snap with this easy-to-use gadget that customizes cookies, cakes and other home-baked treats. A great gift for holiday bakers –this nifty tool provides decorating and dessert specialization with an ergonomic one-handed design. Includes two interchangeable tips— the smaller one is ideal for coulis and sauces, while the larger tip is perfect for icing. The Decorating Pen stands on its own to keep counters and work surfaces clean and comes apart for easy clean up. Dishwasher safe.                                                                                                             
09914053 MSRP $6.99

12 inch Baking Spatula 

Considered by professional bakers as the “workhorse” of the kitchen, the spatula's two most important qualities are durability and performance. With a shaped beech wood handle to encourage the ideal angle and grip for the task at hand and a head made of hygienic, heat resistant silicone (up to 428°F/220°C) in a fresh seasonal color.  This 12 inch Baking Spatula is perfect for holiday baking with a non-stick, easy to clean surface that is both stain and odor resistant and won’t scratch cookware.
09913034 MSRP $7.99.

Set of 5 Measuring Cups 

This cute and colorful set of measuring cups features 5 different sizes with measurements from 1/8 cup up to 1 whole cup for the most essential measuring needs and suitable for both wet and dry ingredients. Innovative stacked design allows the cups to be nested neatly together, while occupying the minimum amount of space. Each cup is constructed of durable, lightweight BPA free plastic. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning at the end of a fun baking party.
09913081 MSRP $6.99

Trudeau also has a Graviti +Plus Pepper Mill I love that has the peppercorns already in it. I love that it comes with an adjustable grating feature, and that it has a clear container so you can see when you're running low. 

This pepper mill has a light on top too, so you can season as you'd like even when the lights are low.

If you want to include it with items like you see above (the baking items) it lends itself nicely to a kitchen-themed gift basket. It comes in a great box though, so you could easily gift it and have it be a present that stands on its own.

One very important thing that you should know about Trudeau, like I mentioned above, is that they make very high quality products. We have quite a few things in our kitchen from them, and they just last forever! It is a brand I can recommend highly, and if you're shopping for Christmas, that's exactly what you want to find! It doesn't hurt that they are extremely affordable too.

You can learn more about Trudeau and all they have to offer by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. Thes Trudeau items you've been showcasing lately are really impressive. I need to give them a look.

  2. Holy moly! These are awesome! I love the chocolate molds. I need a new set of those.

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  4. I really need some of those chocolate molds.

  5. I am all about baking items in my kitchen, especially when they are affordable! I need that spatula.

  6. Sure can get the baking done and then some, for those that use the kitchen lol

  7. These look fantastic. I so need to throw out all of my old bakewear and start new!

  8. These are all fun kitchen must haves! I spent all day baking in the kitchen today and would have loved to have had any of these on hand. I do love those little silicone spatulas!

  9. I love all of these items! I want to get all of them for my kitchen since they are so affordable.

  10. I would love to have that decorating pen! These are awesome gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  11. These products would male a great gift basket for the baker in your life ! I love that decorating pen and those little silicone spatulas and some of those chocolate molds!

  12. This would be a perfect gift for my best friend. I really love that pepper grinder too.

  13. Oh, I need the decorating tools for cookie making this Christmas. that would be nice!

  14. These products look like a baker's dream!
    I am going to use some of these as gifts for those in my family interested in baking.

  15. I need to get the Graviti +Plus Pepper Mill. My mill just broke and I miss the fresh ground taste.

  16. Those are really nice looking. And I do love color in my kitchen

  17. I have loved everything from Trudeau that we have reviewed



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