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#JazzLovesDisney November 18th Release Date!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Disney Music and One2One Network. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Jazz Loves Disney - November 18th Release Date!
Disney Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Cinderella's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo instantly comes to mind as a classic and a favorite. Every time I hear it, even still today, it takes me back to the book (I used to read it as a child) and to the movie (I have had it on both VHS and DVD). Those kinds of memories are the kind that allow you to instantly revel in the contentment and happiness of your childhood.

That song among many other favorites is on the new music release of Jazz Loves Disney!

My youngest son loves "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story, so that is my second favorite track on the release. Of course we think of the movie the second we start to hear or sing the song. In fact, I can see Buzz Lightyear and Woody yukking it up as I type, and that's just from typing the song title.

Moving on to a THIRD generation, my granddaughter and her little cousin both love "Let it Go" from Frozen. That makes this musical release one that the whole family can enjoy, and what's not to love about that?!?

Jazz Loves Disney also allows us all to reminisce and learn from one another about what we most love from the Disney movies we've seen, and it opens the door to share in new Disney movie and song experiences as well. I know since seeing the song list and hearing the snippets, my son now wants me to take out our Lady and the Tramp movie. I'm definitely game because that is one of my all-time Disney (animated) faves.
Disney represents the imaginative representation of good and evil
for both children and adults, it represents a virtual dream state.
--Gregory Porter  (When You Wish Upon a Star-Pinnochio)

As Gregory Porter (When You Wish Upon a Star-Pinocchio) noted, 
"Disney represents the imaginative representation 
of good and evil for both children and adults, 
it represents a virtual dream state.

I think he summed it up perfectly. 
Disney is a virtual dream state, and a wonderful one to visit at that.

Jazz Loves Disney will be released at the end of next week! The full song list is below. When you are done checking them out, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to purchase one of your own.

1.  Jamie Cullum – "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" – from The Aristocats
2.  Melody Gardot – "He’s A Tramp" – from Lady And The Tramp
3.  Stacey Kent – "Bibbidi Bobbodo Boo" (French version) – from Cinderella
4.  Gregory Porter – "When You Wish Upon A Star" – from Pinocchio  
5.  China Moses – "Why Don’t You Do Right" – from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
6.  Raphaël Gualazzi – "I Wanna Be Like You" – from The Jungle Book
7.  The Rob Mounsey Orchestra – "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" – from Cinderella
8.  Hugh Coltman – "You’ve Got A Friend In Me" – from Toy Story
9.  Anne Sila – "Let It Go" – from Frozen
10.  Melody Gardot & Raphaël Gualazzi – "The Bare Necessities" – from The Jungle Book
11.  Laika – "Once Upon A Dream" – from Sleeping Beauty
12.  Nikki Yanofsky -"Someday My Prince Will Come" – from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
13. The Hot Sardines – I Wanna Be Like You (French & English version) – from The Jungle Book (US release only)
Where To Purchase

Jazz Loves Disney will be released on November 18th, 2016, which is just in time for the holidays!! It would make a great addition to any home music collection, and of course it would make an excellent holiday gift idea as well. You can purchase it on Amazon or download it from iTunes


  1. How fun. I love happy music.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Sure some ear worms on that one that will be stuck with you.

  3. I'll have to check this out for the grand kids. I'm sure they'd love Jazz Loves Disney and they already know most of the songs from the movies.

  4. I love Disney music and this looks amazing! I can see my daughters now, dancing around the house and picking their favorites. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I like jazz. Here they have this thing called, "Jazz on the Green". It's more like modern jazz, which sounds like fancy elevator music. When I lived in Savannah they have real jazz that sounded wonderful!

  6. Need this in my life!! I'm such a fan of Disney music :)

  7. Let it go is the best song for me, some of them are also taking back to my childhood.

  8. I love that Toy story song too! It just get stuck with you.
    This will be fascinating!

  9. I have never been an overly huge fan of jazz, but I absolutely love this album. I find myself putting it on repeat throughout the day while I am doing chores. It has so many fun tunes!

  10. This is a great way to get the kids interested in Jazz music! I love the line up of songs as well!

  11. Disney songs are definitely classics. We all know When You Wish Upon A Star!

  12. I love anything Disney and Disney songs never fail to lift my spirits. The Jazz mix should be super nice.

  13. So now the songs are in my head


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