Saturday, October 15, 2016

DIY Pizza Month Essentials from T-Fal

Hear! Hear!  October is National Pizza Month! You know they say there's an app for everything? Well, some people are also starting to say 'there's a national everything month.' While that may have a smidgen of truth to it, when it comes to Nat'l Pizza Month, I am ALL IN!!

We come from a family of pizza-lovers. Every generation I can remember before me has been a fan of the pizza pie...though my grandmother always made hers from scratch (yum). If you too are a fan, here are two essential items to help you join in on the celebration.

This T-Fal AirBake Pizza Pan is great for family pizza time because a). it doesn't burn the pizza b). the perforated design decreases bake times, and c). it's HUGE! I've put a picture up of my 9-year-old son holding it, so you can see how big it really is...and boy, do we love it! If you're getting  a crew together for pizza time, this is definitely the pan you want to use.

Want to whip up the perfect pizza without burning the crust? The T-fal AirBake Pizza Pan allows users to create perfectly baked pizza 15% faster. AirBake uses a clever double-layer technology to provide an overall enhanced baking performance ... meaning better browning, no burning, and decreased bake times! $19.99

The pizza cutter you use is important too. The T-fal Ingenio Pizza Cutter won't hurt your pan, and the cheese doesn't stick to it either. The best feature? You can easily take that wheel off for cleaning (woohoo!). Maybe it's just me, but I hate cleaning around the wheels that don't detach. I always feel like I'm missing something I can't see.

The T-fal Ingenio Pizza Cutter is extremely durable and is made of heat-resistant Tritan that seamlessly slices through pizza without damaging the pan. The Tritan also prevents the cheese from sticking to the cutter and the detachable wheel makes for a worry-free clean-up. $8.99 / Amazon,

T-fal has been a favorite in our house forever and a day. I love that even though they already make great products, they continue to find ways to improve. It's smart to stay on the cutting edge, and it's smart to buy T-fal.

Now let's go enjoy National Pizza Month. 
Happy Pizza Eating to ya!


  1. haha national everything month indeed out there, but sure many will take pizza ones at their lair.

  2. Now this is something I can get in to. I love pizza.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. I had pizza just yesterday!
    That is a huge pan. We need to pick one up. Ours is a bit warped.

  4. shut up. the wheel comes off????

  5. A whole months for pizza? Count me in! I like that pan. Looks like you'd get really even heating with it!

  6. How can anyone not like pizza?

  7. That is one big pizza pan and you could feed a very large family, LOL. I think this is a great pizza pan because it doesn't burn the pizza. So important.

  8. This post is so much fun! We make pizza every Friday night in our house! The kids look so forward to it!

  9. A Pizza Month, that sounds amazing for sure, though I am not aware about it despite being a crazy Pizza lover. I love making pizzas at home frequently as they are pretty much cheaper and the T-Fal AirBake Pizza Pan looks amazing and handy for sure!

  10. Now I want pizza! I can't believe there is a cutter where the cheese won't stick to the sides! That is brilliant!

  11. I love pizza night at home!!! It is so much cheaper then ordering in, the pizza pan and cutter look great!

  12. We love making pizza at home. I really need to get one of those!


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