Monday, August 1, 2016

Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale! Discount for Readers! My Teen Loved This Place!

My teen recently went to his place and she loved it. Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale is the ideal combination of Fun and Fitness, appropriate for almost any age or ability level. Soar high on the main court the sky is the limit, try your best trick into the foam pit and Sky Slam basketball, or challenge your friends in a thrilling trampoline-based game of Ultimate Dodgeball!

Located in Pompano Beach close to I-95 and Atlantic Blvd. 

My Readers receive $5 OFF OPEN JUMP OR $50 OFF BIRTHDAY PARTY. Spend $20 and receive $5 off at Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale


  1. I wouldn't do this. I would hurt myself, but I'd love to watch the young do this. Cool place for the young.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. That looks like so much fun! Of course, I'd throw out my back lol, but I know my kids would love it!

  3. Sure looks like loads of fun there indeed

  4. Last 2 years that's been a gift at Christmas for the kids. All loved it.. from 20 yrs down to 7 :)

  5. My girls love SkyZone. We just got one here a few months back and it is always packed. Definitely a fun place to take the kids!

  6. This looks like a trip (for the young or young at heart).
    Mosey Rosey......I mosey'd right back.
    How are you doing? I just write my rhyme at Pat's early and hit the garden. I'm expanding the gardens all the time. I went to the "secret garden tour" last Sunday and I was soooo inspired that I could hardly wait to get home and jump into my
    work clothes. My daughter kept saying, "Mom, your gardens are better than most
    of these" but that is
    not true. I need some paths around the yard.

    Glad you enjoyed your dance show. Wish I could have seen it too. It's nice that your Gram is always in your thoughts. Just a few weeks left to summer. Boo Hoo
    But come colder weather, I'll start blogging again.

    Live in peace and love.

    1. Always something good about every season. The good thing for winter, you'll be blogging again. :) Until then, enjoy those gardens!

  7. I can see why they loved it! It looks super fun! My boys like places like this too!


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