Friday, August 5, 2016

#CreateTheNext Digital Media Camp for August

Summer isn't over yet! Register for Digital Media Academy August Summer Camps and continue to #CreateTheNext fun project while learning something new! 

August Summer Camp Locations Include:

Stanford University
University of Toronto
Northwestern University
Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania
Mackinac Island Public School

At Digital Media Academy, we encourage and inspire kids and teens to become the next generation of developers, animators, filmmakers, photographers, designers and engineers! Our tech camps feature hands-on, project-based learning using the latest in virtual reality, wearable technology, robotics, 3D printing and more! 

Our Made By Girls initiative is dedicated to empowering girls through a specialized learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science. Learn more by visiting their website. This is a great way to finish up summer!


  1. Sounds like a great way to end summer with a bang! Gotta love learning camps like these!

  2. That would be fun for the kiddos indeed

  3. What a fun way to get them interested in this media. Very clever.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog Rosey... It is so easy to lose our muscle tone if we give up exercise for a while, the good thing is that it doesn't take too long to get it back if put in the effort xox

  5. This sounds so cool! I remember reading about it last year and knowing my kids would get a kick out of it

  6. Sounds like a great idea! Would love to get some of my kiddos interested in something like this especially now that the summer winding down, learning camps are the best! - Jeanine

  7. That sounds like an awesomely fun camp! I like camps where kids learn!

  8. This program sounds amazing and it's perfect for kids who are aspiring to be part of the film industry or those who would like to become graphic designers or game developers. I think it's an awesome opportunity.

  9. This is perfect for my middle son. He wants to design games some day. I hope they bring this to my town

  10. I have to check this out. My little one is bored most of the time and believe it or not cannot wait for school to begin. This programs sounds perfect for summer.

  11. This program would end summer on a high note for the kids.

  12. This is such a great opportunity for kids. I love educational camps like this one to keep the learning going over the summer.

  13. Broxton would have a blast at something like this.
    Talk about a fun thing to tell at school for "what did you do over the summer?"


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