Monday, March 28, 2016

Dollar General to Offer Customers Unprecedented Seven Days of Savings!

My mom shops at Dollar General. In fact, on a visit I had with her not too long ago, we made a pit stop there on our way home from going out to eat. To her, and to me too, it doesn't make sense to buy the exact same items we can get there, at any other store, because the prices every where else are so much higher.

Whatever you're looking for, that you need for in or around the house, you're bound to find it at DG. If you haven't been in lately, I suggest heading over as soon as you can. The savings going on this week are phenomenal and the savings you'll get, on top of already low prices, will make it definitely worth the trip.

Check out all the great ways to save below, and let me know...
do you shop at Dollar General too?

Savings are springing up in every aisle this week at Dollar General!  From digital coupons and instant savings to weekly specials, Wow! Wednesday offers and a three-day sale, customers can save even more on items throughout the store between Sunday, March 27 and Saturday, April 2, 2016.

“Dollar General stores throughout the country will be springing into savings [this] week as we look to provide our customers with even more value for their dollar, complete with deeper discounts available through DG Digital Coupons ” said Jim Thorpe, Dollar General’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer. “Customers are encouraged to sign up and apply savings to their account in order to take advantage of these seven days of savings.  We made the week particularly exciting with the addition of numerous private brand offerings through the Fast Way to Save™ digital coupon program, too.”

To enroll or upload coupons through Dollar General Digital Coupons, customers may login to their electronic DG Digital Coupon account either through Dollar General’s website at, through the DG mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones or by texting “JOIN” to 34898.*

Exciting offers currently in effect include:

Fast Way to Save™ Digital Coupon Savings
Powered through the Dollar General Digital Coupon platform, the Fast Way to Save™ program provides customers dozens of exclusive savings only available as DG Digital Coupons. Now through April 16, 2016, customers may download Fast Way to Save™ special offers through the Dollar General Digital Coupon platform.  Offers include exclusive coupons on select Dollar General private brand items, which carry a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, as well as Mountain Dew®, Pampers®, Downy®, Doritos® and more. All digital coupons may be redeemed only one time through April 16.

Wow! Wednesday Offers
On select Wednesdays this spring, Dollar General will offer customers a special one-time-use opportunity to save on a specific product in stores.  Wow! offers are available for download onto customers’ Dollar General Digital Coupon account exclusively on that particular Wednesday, but may be redeemed through the following Friday.  This exclusive Digital Coupon offers are sure to wow customers!
Offers that go into effect on Sunday, March 27 include:

Three Day Sale
From March 31 to April 2, Dollar General is offering a special three-day sale with savings galore including:
·        Pepsi® or Mountain Dew® six-pack bottles (eight-pack bottles where available) in assorted varieties: 4 for $10
·        Wisk® Deep Clean Laundry Detergent (45.4 oz.): $2.95
·        DG Home™ trash bags in assorted counts and sizes (excludes mega and value packs): Buy one, get a second 50 percent off
·        Clover Valley® cereal in assorted varieties of 11.5 – 20 oz.: 2 for $3
·        Swiffer® Sweeper® refills wet cloth with Gain® 24 count: $6.50

Instant Savings
·        Save $5 instantly with a $15 or more purchase of brands including Scrubbing Bubbles®, Windex®, Pledge®, Glade®, Cottonelle® and Scott®.  Sale items with these brands include:
o   Scrubbing Bubbles® Aerosol 22 oz. or Foaming with Bleach Trigger or Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray 32 oz. or Windex® Cleaner 26 oz. in assorted varieties: $3 each
o   Cottonelle® bath tissue in 12 Big rolls in assorted varieties or Scott® paper towels in 6 Mega rolls: $4.95
o   Glade® candle 3.4 oz or Wax Melts 6 count or Plugins® scented oil refills in one count in assorted scents: $2.75 each
o   Pledge® Lemon clean furniture spray or multi surface antibacterial cleaner citrus scent in 9.7 oz: $4

·        Save $2 instantly with an $8 or more purchase on any Suave® products. Sale Suave® items include:
o   Suave® styling products in three to 11 oz, Shampoo or conditioner in 12-28 oz containers (excludes Keratin and Moroccan 28 oz products), Kids two in one shampoo plus conditioner in 22.5 oz or 18 oz body lotion in assorted varieties: $3 each
o   Suave® invisible solid deodorant TWIN PACK 2-2.6 oz each in assorted varieties: $2.75 each
o   Suave® body wash in 12-18 oz in assorted varieties: $2 each (18 oz BONUS size available while supplies last)

Weekly Specials
·        Save $5 on your next purchase when you spend $15 or more on brands including Gain®, Tide®, Era®, Dreft®, Febreeze®, Downy®, Cascade®, Dawn® or Charmin®. Sale items with these brands include:
o   Gain® liquid laundry detergent in 24-32 load/50oz or Powder 40 load sizes in assorted scents: $4.95
§  Save an additional $2 with DG Digital Coupons.
o   Febreeze® Small Spaces 1 count, Car 1 count, Wax Melts 6 count or Air Effects 9.7 oz in assorted scents (excludes Febreeze® Air Effects Heavy Duty): $2.95
§  Save an additional $3 will you buy two with DG Digital Coupons.
o   Dawn® ultra dish liquid 56 oz in assorted scents OR Cascade® Action Pacs Citrus 28 count, Clorox® Lemon 23 count, Complete® 22 count or Platinum 17 count: $5.95
§  Save an additional $1 with DG Digital Coupons.
o   Era® liquid laundry detergent 96 load/150 oz or Tide® 36-48 load/69-75 oz or Powder 47 load/66 oz: $8.95
o   Charmin® Basic® bath tissue 20 double rolls or Ultra Strong® eight Mega rolls: $8.95
·        Coca-Cola® Diet Coke® or Sprite® two liter products: Buy two, get one free. Must purchase three to get the discounted price. CA CRV or deposit where applicable.
·        Edy’s® Grand Ice Cream 48 oz or Tombstone® original pizza 12 inch in assorted varieties: $3
o   Save an additional $1 when you buy 2 Tombstone pizzas with DG Digital Coupons.
 You can visit Dollar General on their website and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. I was just at DG on Saturday stocking up! I love that store!

  2. I shop at Dollar General regularly. I like the 5.00 coupon they offer on most Saturdays. I will check out the additional days of savings that you mentioned in this post.

  3. My wife shops there now and then. I'll let her know.

  4. No Dollar General here, we have dollar stores though, they aren't as nice looking.

  5. I like going there to get holiday things. They are also great when you know what you want to get, but don't have the time to go to a bigger store.

  6. I rarely shop at Dollar General as the products I normally purchase at Walmart or Kroger are less expensive (when Kroger has coupons and Walmart normal priced).

  7. I need to go to DG!! I love that you can use coupons on top of the already low prices to get the most for your money.

  8. You can get some pretty good deals in dollar stores.

  9. They just build one here so I'm going to have to go and check out the deals.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. My step mom was a DG shopper through and through. I don't have one super close, but when I am driving on the other side of town, I do like to stop in for a few essentials.

  11. This is awesome news. There is a Dollar General just down the road from us!

  12. That's really amazing. It's awesome to have a reliable store near you, and what's great about this is that they offer discounts and coupons so you can definitely save a lot of dough!

  13. Is everything just a dollar there? In Japan (and now all over since they're so popular) we've 100yen stores where everything is just 100yen! After currency conversion the 100yen shops in SG sell $2 things here though.. but it's really cheap and most of the items are well-made and lovely too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. Looks like their deals are all good. I want to shop at some time.

  15. I wish we had a Dollar general here in my country, I love their great deals

  16. Wow! There are so many great savings! We are always shopping at Dollar General. They really do have great deals.

  17. Dollar general sounds cool! I love their good deals

  18. I love shopping at Dollar Stores. They always have good deals.

  19. We live in a tiny town and the nearest grocery store is a drive. However, we have a Dollar General a hop, skip and a jump from our neighborhood, so I stop there when I need something quick.

  20. We love shopping at Dollar General & you can always find some best deals easily. The Wednesday Offers & that Three Day Sale sounds like a wonderful option to step-in & make use the most of it.

  21. People always tend to underestimate dollar stores, but Dollar General is great!

  22. I love shopping at Dollar General! I think I stop there almost every Sunday after church to get some snacks and small supplies.

  23. I love Dollar General. They have some great finds there!

  24. My mom is obsessed with DG.
    I think she goes there multiple times per week. Lucky for her, they just opened a new one not even 5 minutes from her house!

  25. No dollar general here but we do have pound lands and 99p shops which I shop if so products which are most expensive in other stores

  26. I love dollar general. Unfortunately, since I moved, I don't have one near me, but I go with my mom whenever I'm in town. - Erin Kennedy


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