Friday, February 5, 2016

Record the First Time You Hear Baby's Precious Heartbeat!

It's hard to find the right gift for the baby shower if the expectant mom hasn't made a registry. It's even more difficult if the person you're buying for already has everything, Mmm hmm, we all know someone like that, don't we? The gal who says she wants something but then goes out and buys it before anyone else can. Well now I've found a great solution: The My Baby's Heartbeat plush is as cute as it can be, and it allows you to record those first baby heartbeats know, the ones that make your own heart skip a  beat when you first hear them. :)

The recording device is small, but it works like a charm. You can see it in the picture above. I think this is such a unique gift idea, and what mom and dad wouldn't love to have that happy moment when they first hear their child's heartbeat, recorded for prosterity? 

We selected the giraffe for the gift we are going to give, and he's a little beauty. There are other selections too, and you can see some of them in the photo above.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Captures Milestone Pregnancy Moment

There’s nothing more awe-inspiring for expecting parents than the sound of their baby’s heartbeat, heard for the first time during an ultrasound appointment.  Now this milestone moment can be preserved forever thanks to the ultimate pregnancy keepsake: My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.This innovative gift provides everything needed to capture that precious sound and create a permanent treasure.

The My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kit comes with an adorable stuffed animal and a red “heart” recorder.   Simply take the recorder to your ultrasound appointment and easily switch it on to capture 20 seconds of baby’s heartbeat.  (If you have already recorded the heartbeat on your phone or on a CD, it can be transferred to the heart recorder.)Then, unfasten the Velcro closure on the back of the stuffed animal, insert the recorder into the interior drawstring pouch, knot the pouch, and finally re-fasten the Velcro.  To listen to the heartbeat, simply press on the animal.  To stop, press again, or simply wait 20 seconds.

Monkeys and hippos and bears…oh my!  There are more than 16 cute creatures to choose from, all of them crafted from the softest, highest quality fleece-like material and polyfill.My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear makes an excellent shower gift, not to mention a great addition to your nursery d├ęcor. Safe for children 3 and older, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear will also become a source of fascination for growing kids who love to know what they were like as babies.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the brainchild of Purusha Rivera, a mom of 12-year-old twins and a two year old, who is passionate about her work as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer specialized in Ob/Gyn.She created the bears as part of her desire to make the ultrasound experience as special as it can be, and her patients loved the idea.  Many of them even purchased extras for the grandparents-to-be.   Some have older siblings record messages of welcome for the baby.  (Extra heart recorders can be purchased separately.)

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear retails for $35 and is available at many 3D and 4D ultrasound studios across the country.  Locate one near you, or purchase online at


  1. Those are so adorable. I love that you can record a little message for the child you're giving it to.

  2. That would sure be a neat gift for those expecting indeed.

  3. What a great way to remember your first moments with your child. The animals are really cute.

  4. That would certainly be a unique gift for someone who's expecting.

  5. What a great idea. I would love to have that memory saved.

  6. I would have loved this when I was pregnant. Oh, to have those first heartbeats recorded would be such a treasure!

  7. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is an amazing idea. This would be a great gift for a friend of mine. She just found out she is expecting and has not had her first OB appointment yet.

  8. What a sweet and interesting idea. It would have been great to have something like this before we had our girls.

    We did record the sound of their hearts in our phone :) it's nice to ones in a while go back and hear each one.

    Can imagine how Cool it would be to have the sound in a lovely stuffed animal.

  9. This is a wonderful gift for an expecting mom (and dad). This is so sweet and I am sure the child when it gets older would like to hear this too!

  10. What a way to preserve your first memories with baby. Adorable!


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