Friday, December 11, 2015

Small Business Primer: Where to Spend Your Money

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As a small business owner you probably spend a great deal of your time trying to get new clients and making sales to your existing customers. Even then, you probably don't have profit margins that are the same size as the big companies.

That's why maximizing your earnings and making sure you aren't spending a ton of money you don't need to spend is so important. After all, every dollar that you keep is a dollar you can put back into helping your company grow.

Use these tips to help you decide where to spend your money and where to cut back just a little bit this year.


Almost every business spends money on paper, and when you're a small business, that can be a really big cost that you don't need. Of course, the best answer is to simply go paperless for all of the tasks you can around your office. You don't really need paper for internal memos and things like that.

You can also cut back on your paper expenses even if you can't cut paper out altogether. Do you really need the best quality paper for everything? Maybe recycled paper that won't stand the test of time is just fine for your business. 

Every dollar counts, so try to cut corners where it won't show. That's what all smart business owners do to for their companies.

Product Packaging

If you're selling a product online or in stores, chances are you know exactly how much each package you make costs. Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to reduce that cost without your customers even knowing about it?

One of the best ways to do this to renegotiate printing and packaging costs each year with your provider. Believe it or not, many companies will be willing to drop their prices to keep your order, especially if you buy in bulk.

It helps to buy more packaging from year to year though, so if your company isn't growing, you may have problems with lower per item packaging and printing costs.

Cleaning Supplies

Cheap cleaning supplies are not a place where you can cut corners as a business owner, especially if you don't have a big cleaning staff. Simple things like broken trash container wheels can cost you a lot if you don't buy quality items the first time.

Don't cheap out on essentials you use nearly every day.


  1. I agree! Quality essentials are a must for any business. You certainly don't want to go cheap on frequently used items!

  2. Have to get the best if you want a business to thrive indeed


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