Monday, December 7, 2015

Moving Treats to the Front of the Bakery

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There are a few times of the year when you might be overwhelmed with the number of orders you receive at your bakery. Storing extra items in a plastic case or refrigerator can help, but another item is a rack that contains several shelves where you can store pans of delicious treats until they are ready to be served. Bakery casters make it easier to move the racks through the bakery so that you can get them from the back of the store where items are prepared to the front so that they can be sold. 

There are a few maintenance tips that you want to remember so that the casters stay in the best condition. Make sure the casters are kept clean. This includes keeping the floor clean so that debris doesn't get picked up on the wheels. If there is debris on the casters,it can make the entire display harder to move. It could also mean the display tipping over if you quickly run over something that you might not see on one of the wheels. 

Aside from the wheel itself, look at the bolts and the nuts that keep the caster in place. You want to inspect for wear and tear that could mean the caster doesn't work as it should or excess materials that have built up over time. If you notice any kind of wear that might be of harm to the caster or the rack, then you should consider replacing them as soon as possible with new equipment. 

If you purchase casters that are in a bad condition, this could mean that you are wasting money. They won't roll properly, which could mean that it takes longer to get the delicious festive treats to the customers. You don't want a wheel that is too soft as it could make it difficult to move the rack along the floor. Don't add to many items on the rack as excess weight could make the casters buckle. Avoid simply dropping items onto the shelves. You want to take the care needed for the items served just as you would the care given to the equipment so that they work together.


  1. I can imagine just dropping items onto shelves won't get you repeat business indeed

  2. Everything needs to be eye appealing. I've seen some really awesome displays and then some really terrible ones too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Keeping the floors clean is really important. It can cause all sorts of problems.

  4. When it looks nice, it's true- you are more likely to buy.

  5. I agree. First impressions are key... especially when it comes to your business (or front office).

  6. You're right about the shelves. It's quite noticeable when a store owner has taken care in filling their shelves instead of just tossing things onto shelves randomly.

  7. That's pretty interesting. I've never really thought about what would happen if the casters on a rolling shelf broke.


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